Repost Bonanza: Neil Young – Brisbane, California (11/21/86 ) “In a Rusted Out Garage”

(San Francisco Bay Area)
NOVEMBER 21, 1986

Download: FLAC/MP3

Live Satellite TV Broadcast (mono)
Simulcast KLOS-FM Los Angeles (stereo)

First Set
2.Mr. Soul
3.When You Dance, I Can Really Love
4.Down By the River
5.Too Lonely
6.Neil’s mom calls
7.Heart of Gold
8.After the Goldrush
9.Inca Queen
10.Drive Back
11.Opera Star
12.Sam Kinison calls Neil on the phone
(Radio Station cuts to blip the language then audio goes to TV sound for this part and returns to FM about 2 seconds into Cortez)
13.Cortez the Killer

Second Set
1.Sample and Hold (Comes out of Tv sound about 2 seconds into song)
2.Computer Age
3.Violent Side
4.Mideast Vacation
5.Long Walk Home
6.The Needle and the Damage Done
7.When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
8.Around the World
10.Like a Hurricane
11.Hey Hey, My My
12.Prisoners of Rock ‘n’ Roll

I thought I’d try to break up the big FLAC file into smaller ones this time just to see how it goes. Obviously there were problems. Back in my windows days I used WinRar to compress the folders which gave me some nice options of how big to break each section into and then when unzipping them the folder would automatically be put into one folder instead of multiple ones. Well WinRar doesn’t exist on a Mac and what I could find only has the option of breaking them into nothing bigger than 100 mb chunks. As you can see that’s a lot of chunks which is totally obnoxious (please forgive me for not creating actual links for each part, I got lazy with my annoyance.) I was hoping Rapidshare would let me put this entire set into one folder and then link to that folder where you would then find all the links but that doesn’t seem possible either. All of this simply means I won’t likely be doing it this way again anytime soon.

Notes from the taper:

Cable TV broadcast w/ simulcast FM audio > unknown VHS Hi-Fi recorder >
(I think my videotape is the original if not it is a copy of a master) >
Fostex CR-200 > Wav via EAC > Editing with NERO > CDR (2002)
Revisited this concert for uploading in 2010
CDR > wav via EAC (secure mode) > combined all tracks and reviewed the entire show fixing a couple glitches using Audacity >
(Re) tracked with CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)
The TV feed was used during the Sam Kinison section to avoid the radio station censorship button.A volume difference on the videotape between these audio sources was fixed using NERO wave editor. NERO was initially used (in 2002) to remove some audio glitches and just generally clean things up.The changes between FM and TV were minimized at the time.
Then when I re-mastered this in 2010 I used Audacity to work on the volume changes a little more.

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