Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Naked in the Jungle: Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 2

van naked in the jungle cover

Van Morrison
Naked in the jungle
van morrison gets his chance to wail vol2.

Download: FLAC/MP3

liberated boot cd
my silver>eac>flac

Gold Standard SIAE ANA-728
(Released ??; Made in Italy)
art work included

Tracks 1-6: studio demos, recorded 1969-1971
1.Wild Night (5:18)
2.Brand New Day (5:58)
3.When The Evening Sun Goes Down (2:19)
4.Nobody Really Knows (6:05)
5.Caravan (4:46)
6.The Way Young Lovers Do (3:41)

Tracks 7-16: studio recordings, 1974-1976
7.Spare Me A Little (with Jackie DeShannon) (2:34)
8.You’ve Got The Power (3:34)
9.Try For Sleep (5:30)
10.Naked In The Jungle (3:46)
11.And The Streets Only Knew Her Name (7:03)
12.Grits Ain’t Groceries (3:51)
13.Don’t Change On Me (4:18)
14.Down To Earth (4:34)
15.Mechanical Bliss (3:46)
16.Real, Real Gone (3:19)

Track 17: recorded live, late 1980’s
17.Foreign Window (with Bob Dylan) (4:12)*

Total time: (74:36)

*w/ Bob Dylan

4 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Naked in the Jungle: Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 2

  1. For info, vol 1 is another collection of a dozen of the early demos followed by 6 or 7 mid 70s demos. Why they’ve sequenced it like this is anyone’s guess. Vol 3 is the Fillmore 70 gig plus a few ‘Them’ tracks. Another dog’s breakfast from a sequencing perspective really.

    These discs are nice factory ‘gold’ pressed etc but they were produced more than 20 years ago. As such there is little reason to think that the sound qual on these will be superior to more recent issues such as Scorpios ‘Genuine Philosophers Stone’ or some of the others posted here and elsewhere. All the early demos and at least some of the later stuff are available on the Scorpio set. Some of the mid 70s stuff looks less familiar, but i would need to check through the archives to see if there is anything truly unique to these sets. It would seem unlikely. If these have been knocking around for 20 years plus, you would think that if nothing else some other keen booter would just have grabbed the tracks from here!

    Can’t find any ‘live’ sources for vol 1, but details here for anyone interested

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