Music Review: Daniel Goodman – Keys to the Kingdom



In what seems like a lifetime ago  I used to write album reviews, song reviews and just general music essays for the popular website Blogcritcs. One of my favorite things to write was what I called Radio Free MP3, this was where I’d talk about new songs that had just came out.  Various publicists of (usually) smallish, independent type artists would send me links to stream their songs. Often they were quite terrible or just not my thing and I’d pass right by, but a few times a month I’d get something really interesting and write about it.

One of the coolest things about it was that because most of the artist were relatively obscure they were often excited to get some free press, especially when it was rave reviews. On several occasions the artists would include my blurbs in their press material and sometimes we’d become something akin to acquaintances.

One such artist was Daniel Goodman, a singer song-writer based out of New York.  We’re still in touch, actually, and he just sent me this new EP of his and its good.  I no longer write music reviews, but since Daniel’s an old pal I thought I’d give him a shout out here.

His songs exists mainly in the acoustic blues-rock category but they’ve got a lot of heart.  His voice has that early Dylan scratch with a touch of Willie Nelson’s slightly off-kilter phrasing to it.

There’s a hing of Gospel in these songs that I didn’t notice last time around, but it fits right into his sound perfectly.    There’s just four songs on this EP, but there’s not a dud among them.  Both “Keys to the Kingdom” and “Orphan’s Song” get their rock going strongly while “Long Time Waiting” and “Sons of Cain” find Daniel in a more contemplative mood.

Daniel stays on acoustic guitars and vocals while Eric J Stockton snakes around him on electric guitar with Erick Deutsch does wonders on the Hammond organ.

You can listen to the tracks on Spotify or download them on Amazon or iTunes.  Its well worth your time.

One thought on “Music Review: Daniel Goodman – Keys to the Kingdom

  1. On a lark and the tail-end of a gift certificate, I downloaded the EP and am digesting it. On first impression alone, I was reminded a LOT of Tom Petty being backed up by the mid-70’s incarnation of Lynyrd Skynyrd, (the REAL Skynyrd), on good behavior.

    The vocals are heartfelt, there is a soul in the music that reaches out without desperation. The musical painting that Mr Goodman creates does not seem complete, but that trait does not appear unintentional either, like an invitation to the listener to finish the tune in whatever way works best for them.

    Pretty good stuff, thanks for the recommendation!

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