Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Pagan Steams



Download MP3@224

(Bootleg CD)
#BIG 020/21
(Distributed by CD Music Italy Phone (39) 541 610556 c by BigMusic 1992)

The Original 2 CD Set @ MP256k/kbps
Sound Quality: A+
Reviews: A+
Venue: Recorded Live in Europe 1991


Disc 1
Out of Sight (2:43)
The Girl Can’t Help It (l. Richard) (2:53)
Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Otis/Hunter) (2:43)
Satisfied (2:32)
Who Do You Love (G. Fame) (5:14)
And The Healing Has Begun 8:46)
See Me Through (8:39)
Moondance (10:31)
Some Peace Of Mind (4:36)
It All In Ther [sic] Game (5:45)
Enlightenment (2:36)
Whenever God Shiones [sic] His Light On Me (4:32)
It Must Be You (3:19)
Help Me (6:20)
Northern Muse (Solid Ground) (6:07)
Total time: (77:21)

Disc 2
It Fill You Up (4:37)
So Complicated (3:22)
The Fayre Of County Down (2:25)
Orangefield (3:05)
Summertime In England 18:28)
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (3:29)
Caravan (9:07)
In The Garden (8:27)
Send In The Clowns (4:42)
Gloria/Shakin All Over (9:28)
I Can’t Stop Loving You (R. Charles) (3:51)
Baby Please Don’t Go (Williams) / Who Do You Love (F. McDanials) / What D’I Say (R. Charles) (7:38)

Total Time Both Disc: (78:40)

11 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Pagan Steams

  1. Many moons ago somebody ripped this boot CD as mp3. In all the intervening lunar cycles it appears that nobody has upgraded this to a lossless rip. I should know as I’ve been on a quest to find it several times. Necessary stuff, and seemingly the best source available so grab if you don’t already have.

    Cheers Mat

  2. Was just about to beg for assistance in a pathetic, unbecoming kind of fashion. Decided to have one last search.


    It’s the Utrecht 91 we are talking about here. You might want to grab a few more while you are there! Most are familiar, probably the sources you already have (but you never know)

  3. I should add that this is a great site, wonderful resource for roots fans – particularly Joni, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Tom Russell and several other under-posted atists. Also the files are ‘self-hosted’, so nice and easy to grab (as here).
    I cleaned out this guy’s archives a few years back. At the time he didn’t have a Van archive, looks like they were all posted in June 2013, so obviously before that date. I didn’t realise that the site was still so (a)live, or I would have been back long ago!

    HIGHLY recommended!

    1. Yep I’m a big fan of that site. Included it in my sidebar links awhile back. I randomly pilfer it. Pretty sure I got all the Van, Dylan and some others. Need to go through it again and see if I’m missing anything. Sadly its not updated often. Last big update was a bunch of Dead shows several months back.

  4. I noticed the big GD update. It’s a great site and a wonderful resource, but not the whole story. I really like the interaction of a blog, the chance to chat and compare opininons of alternative versions/releases etc.

    Really I was just happy to find that particular Van show. Been so elusive for so long. Incidentally I also found the same file set on the revamped I was a bit surprised, but then it is an AUD rec I suppose. Albeit obviously a closely miked stage AUD with plenty of evidence of proper studio post production. Did anyone spot the brief patch from an alternative inferior AUD source. Not bad for a boot from ’92!

  5. Sorry don’t mean to bang on, parting shot on this one. ’91 was the start of a very transitional period for Van. If you listen to this show you can hear the beginnings of the Soul Revue of ’92 and ’93 (so perfectly captured on ‘Night In SF’ live album. Here we also have the sultry, soulful sax of Candy Dulfer and also many of the classic soul insertions, medleys and composites.
    I only mention this as just this morning found this one, new from EDGE. One of the first shows from the under-posted ‘Hymns’ tour later the same year. Radically different band and approach, quite a jump from Candy to Kate St John. ‘Hymns’ is a spiritual home for me musically, however if i was choosing a sax player it would be Candy for me.
    Anyway looks like a master, heavily loaded with tracks from ‘Hymns’ and new to circulation, haven’t checked it out yet however.

  6. Bang on, bang a gong, bang whatever you want. I agree in that I really love the community we’ve grown here. I mean I dig all the other sites sharing this great music and I appreciate that ousterhoust makes it so easy in terms of downloads, but I really dig how we discuss the music.

    Let me know if those links for the Guitars101 link you just share ever work. I see you asked TUBE about them not working for some reason.

  7. OK Will do,

    Last point re: ousterhoust – for the benefit of anyone looking in. Apart from the obvious candidates mentioned previously, it is THE starting point for any Lucinda Williams or Joni fans out there.
    By the way, got any thoughts on the new pages? Personally I can’t stand these new web templates. Forcing you to go full screen all the time(more understandable for corporate and ad sponsored sites obviously) really annoying. Also, long text lists of directories may be a bit ‘heavy’, but who in the world thought that colums of randomly arranged icons would somehow help the issue?? Seems to just be everywhere nowadays – like it’s the only option out there. The lateral navigation bar on my browser seems to have become utterly redundant. To think, its 2016, we’ve had the concept of windows within a desktop for how long? Suddenly the old ‘switch’ function with ALT-TAB is more necessary than ever!

    1. Oh yea, the new Archive is horrible to figure out. Those big icons are an abomination.

      Yesterday I found a little corner of the Archive with lots of cool shows they don’t normally have. I don’t really understand how Archive works but once in awhile it seems like some folks upload stuff that isn’t really sanctioned by them. I grabbed some Joni shows and some other stuff before it got taken down.

  8. I agree..The old was better. I wrote to Ousterhut earlier this year. He stated that he would try to put more shows up this year. If other people would write to him it might pick things up a bit. Back on the topic of if something works why change it?

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