Rest In Peace Guy Clark


We lost a true legend yesterday.  Guy Clark passed, he was 74.  Man, it has been a rough year for losing musical legends.  I’m rather terrible at doing memorials on this site, but Guy hit me hard.  I didn’t have time to search out the FLAC versions of the few shows I have of his, but I threw up some MP3s.  If you don’t know Guy’s music, I so very highly recommend him.


East Lansing, MI (11/18/05) with Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely and John Hiatt: Info, MP3

Boulder, CO (08/29/90): Info, MP3

Princeton, NJ (01/30/04): Info, MP3

6 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Guy Clark

    1. Thanks, Dave. I thought I had more of his shows, and maybe I do, but they must be buried somewhere. I’ve been meaning to download his shows from Ousterhout, and now seems like the best time.

  1. Thank you Guy for sharing and giving us a better insight to who we are. I tear for both you and the person who introduced your world to me, Jesse Winchester.

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