Upgrade Bonanza: Bob Dylan – New York, NY (06/29/61)


Bob Dylan
Riverside Church
New York City, New York
29 July 1961
12-hour Hootenanny Special: Saturday Of Folk Music

Download: FLAC/MP3

1.Handsome Molly (trad.)
2. Naomi Wise (trad.)
3. Poor Lazarus (trad.)
4. Mean Old Southern Railroad (Danny Kalb)
5. Acne (Eric von Schmidt) – Not Included, Officially Released

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar).
2–5 Bob Dylan (harmonica).
4 Danny Kalb (vocal).
5 Bob Dylan and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (shared vocal).

This harmonica holder isn’t holding too good, together. Feel like its gonna strangle me here. It’s just a hanger, coat hanger. (before Naomi Wise).

Oh I’ll sing a Woody Guthrie song. Anybody got a knife ? Got a knife ? Anyone of you people got a knife ? No ? That sure ain’t a big knife. Show you a little trick. Oh. Got a bigger knife. That wasn’t the trick. OK. Huh ? Oh good. I really ain’t no comedian. (before Naomi Wise).

This is a friend of mine Danny Kalb. He plays the guitar, sings, all that. I’m gonna play the harmonica. Stand aside. (before Mean Old Railroad).

Unauthorized releases
(The release is unauthorized and is not associated with or approved by Bob Dylan or his current recording label)
Released in the UK on Life And Life Only, Left Field Media LFMCD 517, 5 December 2011
2-5 released on Bob Dylan Folk Singer-Humdinger, Smith & Co SCCD 2488, 7 January 2013.

Official release
5 released on The Ballad Of Rambln’ Jack, Vanguard Records 79575-2, 15 August 2000.

2 is also called Omie Wise.
Broadcast by WRVR-FN Radio in the program Saturday Of Folk Music, a 12-hour “Hootenanny” Saturday Special 29 July 1961.
Mono radio broadcast, 27 minutes.

Session info updated 3 December 2015.

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