Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Lakeland, FL (04/18/76)

bob dylan - lakeland - 1976

Bob Dylan
Lakeland, Florida
April 18, 1976

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 Visions Of Johanna
2 If You See Her, Say Hello
3 Vincent van Gogh (w Bobby Neuwirth vocal)
4 Weary Blues From Waiting
5 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
6 Maggie’s Farm
7 One Too Many Mornings
8 Seven Days
9 Railroad Boy
10 Wild Mountain Thyme
11 Blowin’ In The Wind
12 I Pity The Poor Immigrant
13 Shelter From The Storm
14 I Threw It All Away
15 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
16 Mozambique
17 Going, Going, Gone
1 Lay Lady Lay
2 Silver Mantis (T-bone Burnette & Joan Baez vocals)
3 Idiot Wind
4 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (w Roger McGuinn vocal)
5 Gotta Travel On

Source 1:

Lineage: Bob Heyer’s original cassette -> Reel -> ADC>
Remastered 2011.

Source 2:

Source: “This is a high-spirited show that many people already have. The taper’s seat is not too great but the recording was well-done. From Bob H.”


lowgen4 posted LB-2441 in Feb. ’05. Jacktomthumb posted LB-5411 in Oct. ’07. lowgen4 then posted LB-9273 in May ’13. And LB-9273 appears it have been reposted by lowgen4 last month with oodles of seeds….

ijwthstd posted something called “BOB DYLAN & ROLLING THUNDER REVUE Lakeland, FL April 18 1976 **new source**” but I didn’t grab it because it was banned during that brief period of time in 2010 – 2011 when Dylan was on the NAB list.

It has always seemed to me that this date has seen lots of variations of a single source, e.g., LB-9273 has been described by as “same recording as LB-4096…brighter but also harsher with more hiss.” LB-5411 is presumably a cleaned up and retracked version of LB-4096. LB-4096 could also be the same recording as LB-0200 and LB-2441. LB-2441 has been characterized by the as LB-0200 “with higher levels, different tracking, and does not have flaws on d1t3 but has others not on (LB-0200).” The bulk of the versions seem to be fair to good recordings. (Though, as I said, I have never heard the ***new source*** listed above.)

I don’t believe LB-2441 has been posted since ’05. So, as with ice cream and Mustangs, it all depends on which version you like best.

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