Sorry for the Low Bit Rates

My wife and I bought a house. It was a foreclosure which means we got a good deal on it, but that it also needs a little work. We’re in the middle of getting it ready and also packing.

My father, mother, brother and I run a small business. I do the accounting and most of the office management. Right now my office is inside my parent’s house. But when we get settled into the new house I’ll be moving the office there.

My wife and I share a home computer. When I move the office into our house I’m going to start using the work computer for personal use as well. I’ve been slowly moving my MP3 collection to the new computer (my FLAC bootlegs are on external drives). I’ve also been downloading new boots to the new computer. Lately, when work is slow, I’ve been uploading some of those shows to the site. This is why you’ve seen so many more Bob boots of late.

Alas I just realized that when I installed the software to convert FLAC to MP3 (xACT for the Mac – it works great) I forgot to set the bit rate to 320. It was set at a low 160 kps. That’s far too low for me, that’s far too low for you. Never fear my dear friends, I shall be fixing this error soon. It will probably take me a week or so to get it all sorted as I don’t always have free time at work. I’ll write another post letting you know when the posts are all fixed.

My apologies for the error.

19 thoughts on “Sorry for the Low Bit Rates

    1. You are welcome. Feel free to wander through the archive and grab stuff. When you get past a certain point the links die, but you can leave me a comment and I’ll reupload them. Eventually.

  1. Thank you Mat for all the wonderful music you share, the work and dedication…. I am truly grateful.
    Wish I knew how to do FLAC, got a big collection… but all MP3. Your Dylan stuff is superb!

  2. Speaking only for myself. (this is true, even if a bit snarky), I am deaf in one ear and don’t hear so good in the other. I like to use 320 mp3’s, but my days of being really particular on that count are about over. I feed a small amp and bookshelf speakers from an iMac, and my criteria goes more towards a good performance than a technically perfect recording.

    Thanks for a great blog and the great shows and great work!

    1. My hearing isn’t great either and my sound system is pretty wimpy so I don’t mind MP3s either. When it gets down below about 240 I can start to tell a difference though. I want to provide the best quality I can so I’ll definitely be upgrading it soon. You can download if you want or just be happy with what you have. The choice is yours 😉

  3. Me’thinks you worry too much. We out here in radio land are so appreciative of what you share that we happily accept 160 or 320 because the music is so exceptional and it makes us happy. You do all of this voluntarily and we all benefit. This is a wonderful, positive community you’ve created here and so thank you for all you’ve done and quit worrying!

  4. “I installed the software to convert FLAC to MP3 (xACT for the Mac – it works great)”

    Wonderful… another tone-deaf blogger who can’t tell the difference between shit and shineolla. Which only goes to prove that euthanasia has untapped possibilities.

    “I forgot to set the bit rate to 320”

    How can you tell….?

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