Repost Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Los Angeles, CA (11/14/67)

Grateful Dead
American Studios
Los Angeles, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

The Shrine Reels: 3 tapes – 5 sides. With alternate versions to cover tape flips.

Taped By: Dan Healy
Transfer By: Matt Smith & Bob Menke
Mastering By: Derek McCabe

Set 1:
Disc 1
d1t01: Born Cross-Eyed (reel #2 side B; 8 track 15 ips)
d1t02: Dark Star (reel #2 side B; 8 track 15 ips)

– 1st recorded “Dark Star”

Reel #1 side A most likely was recorded @7.5 ips and all the rest was @15 ips. Dan Healy once explained he was running two different decks at this time, an 8-track 15 ips. and an Ampex 7.5 ips. deck.

MOTB Release: 0173 16/44.1
Release Date: 2011-09-05

10 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Los Angeles, CA (11/14/67)

  1. Last week I was out of town visiting family. Meant to make a post before I left letting you all know but then our oven went out (its since been fixed) and we decided to hit the road early. Anyways I’m back now, but still organizing files so I’m back to posting only one show a day for a little bit longer.

  2. Mat , thankful as always for your efforts, the infancy of Dark Star is a must for Deadheads IMHO…great post!

    1. Have you downloaded anything else from my site? If so did you get a warning then? I’m guessing Avast isn’t familiar with Amazons cloud system. I’ve been running this site a long time and plenty of people will tell you I’m legit. but its up to you whether you download or not.

  3. fascinating stuff, I noticed the nice artwork had volume 3 on it. What’s on the other volumes? Thanks for this one.

  4. Yes…. I’ve downloaded here before. Many times and over many years. And usually with the same virus program. That’s why I was so surprised when this one has halted right after I sent it to the downloader. I thought you might want to check it out for yourself.

    1. I’m not having any trouble on my end. Anybody else get a virus warning on this show?

      I appreciate the heads up. Hope I didn’t sound rude or anything in my last reply. I don’t know why your anti-virus would suddenly think I’m sharing viruses. Sorry about that.

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