Repost Bonanza: Captain Beefheart – Hoboism


Captain Beefheart – Hoboism
Liberated Bootleg

Download: FLAC/MP3

Silver CD -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC level 8

Studio outtakes 1970:

01. Little Scratch
02. Dirty Blue Gene
03. Funeral Hill
04. Flash Gordan’s Ape

Studio rehearsal 1972:

05. Sun Zoom Spark
06. Key To the Highway

Saturday Night Live Nov 1980:

07. Hot Head
08. Ashtray Heart

Live-The Country Club, Reseda CA Jan 28 1980:

09. Safe As Milk
10. China Pink
11. Sheriff of Honk Hong
12. Kandy Korn
13. Veterans Day Poppy
14. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Studio demo:

15. Hoboism

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