A Milestone Revisited

Just slightly less than 6 years ago I wrote this little piece for my blog. In it I talk about how I’d been posting bootlegs to my blog for (at that point) two years (which means I’ve now been posting them for 8 years!) I also note that I had started systematically going through my bootlegs (which at that point consisted of CDs and DVDs because hard drive spaces were not at the ginormous capacities they exist at now.)

I made special note that I had finally made it through the first book of CDs. Interestingly I have been reposting (and upgrading to lossless) those very same CDs in that very same book and as of tomorrow will have finished it.

I’m amused that I was concerned that I’d eventually run out of bootlegs to post. I’m amused because I’m currently sitting on at least several hundred bootlegs (and constantly downloading more) that I’ve yet to post.

Anyways I just randomly ran into that old post and thought it was a fun thing to share since I’m at a very similar point I was then with my CD books. Its also crazy to me to think I’ve been doing this for so long.

Thanks very much to all those who leave comments even if its a simple “thanks.” It really keeps me going.

31 thoughts on “A Milestone Revisited

  1. I love your site. You post so much great music that I really like. Hope you will go on for a long time. Congrats on your 6 years mate.

  2. Sorry if I forget to say Thank You every time. I usually have another download to grab – thanks to you! Thanks for a great ride. Looking forward to where it goes…

    1. Ah no worries. I don’t need a million thanks, but its nice to get a little feedback now and again just to know I’m not sending this stuff out into the ether unnoticed. Over the last many years I feel like we’ve developed a really nice gathering of very cool people digging the tunes.

      1. Matt, Thanks for sharing! Impeccable taste and superior quality, fantastic selection and knowledgable writing & informative details!
        Very Grateful & Thankful
        Mike in Boston

  3. I’d like to echo what everyone else is saying above. This is definitely the go-to place for Van recordings. Many thanks for all the posts.

  4. Mat, thank you for providing an amazing site for all of us bootleg lovers to dive into on a daily basis. Just know that your hard work is appreciated by many. All the best!


  5. Thank you very much for this great blog! And nice to hear that you have a lot more coming, looking forward to many more years with the Midnight Cafe!

  6. Through trials and tribulations I have always enjoyed the slices of your life that reassure me that my life is not ‘abnormal’. Always look forward to your latest post. Thanks for all you do Mat!!


    1. I have to congratulate you on this achievement. Keeping a blog going for this long says a lot, to keep it fresh and well maintained as you do is pretty damned impressive. This site is one of very few “must see” locations on the web that I check when I log on. My hat’s off to you, as I bow as deeply as I can at my age and thank you!

      1. I’m always kind of amazed myself that I’ve been doing this for so long. I’ve actually been running a blog for somewhere around 12 years. The first several years it was much more personal with a mixture of pop culture thrown in. Then about 8 years ago I started mixing in the bootlegs and eventually they took total control and here we are.

        Its a bit of an obsession. There are days when I get tired of it, when I wonder what the point is, but most days I really do enjoy it. In fact if I go a day or two without posting something or getting something ready to post I get really antsy like I’m missing something.

        In the end it really is the comments that keeps me going. Simple thanks yous are wonderful but I really love the thoughtful comments and debates about which decades/years/tours/dates are best. Being able to share this wonderful music that has meant so much to me with others and seeing the joy that brings to this community is just awesome.

        So thank you for hanging around for so long and being a part of this community.

  7. Thank you everybody. I’m always kind of floored when I do these little remembrance posts and am overwhelmed by the gratitude. Its a great pleasure sharing this incredible music to an amazing group of folks.

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