Repost Bonanza: Chameleons Vox – Berlin, Germany (01/26/11)

chameleons vox live

Chameleons Vox
Magnet Club – Berlin

Download: FLAC/MP3

Recorded from the second row on the left side with Zoom H2 and ECM-719. Slight editing on levels and EQ with WaveLab.

In 2009 founding Chameleons members Mark Burgess and John Lever reformed the band under the moniker Chameleons Vox. Someone a long time ago requested some Chameleons and I had trouble finding any, but I found this so I hope that person enjoys.


01 A Person Isn’t Safe Anymore
02 Paper Tigers
03 Monkeyland
04 Pleasure And Pain
05 Less Than Human
06 Soul In Isolation
07 Nostalgia
08 Tears
09 Seriocity
10 In Answer
11 Perfumed Garden
12 Singing Rule Britannia
13 Second Skin
14 Swamp Thing
15 Up The Down Escalator
16 Don’t Fall

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