Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – London, England (02/27/79)


Van Morrison
02/27/79 (Tue)
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England

Download: FLAC/MP3

And It Stoned Me > Into The Mystic
Checkin’ It Out
Kingdom Hall
Crazy Love(KK)
Don’t Look Back
Moonshine Whiskey
Wild Night
Hungry For Your Love
I’ve Been Working
Tupelo Honey

Lineup: John Altham – saxophones
Herbie Armstrong – guitar
Peter Bardens – keyboards
Mickey Feat – bass
Pat Kyle – saxophones
Toni Marcus – violin & vocals
Bobby Tench – guitar
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Katie Kissoon – backing vocals
Anna Peacock – backing vocals

11 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – London, England (02/27/79)

      1. Hi Mat – thanks for the Van updates. I have an mp3 file of the Van gig at Wembley Arena in June 19989 which I attended when he appeared alongside Bob Dylan. I could send to you via the ‘Wetransfer’ app to add to your collection if you wish let me know. Cheers, Dell

  1. That looks amazing. The link goes to a torrent file. I’ve hooked up to it but unfortunately it doesn’t appear there are any seeders which means its likely dead in the water. I’ll stay connected to it for a bit just in case the original seeder comes around but most likely its a lost cause.

  2. It does look quite impressive, unfortunately I am not familiar with torrent files and the seeder’ process so can only wait until someone who knows better to open, convert & upload the files. Shall continue to monitor. Thanks for your help.

    1. The Torrent is working, but its very slow going. I’m trying to weed out the shows I already own so that it will go faster, but at this rate it will take me a couple of weeks to get all of it.

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