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I’ve been downloading some really large compilations of late and its got me wondering how big should I be making my uploads.  I generally try to keep the zip files down to about 700-800 mb though sometimes I do go over that mark.  Amazon will allow me to upload files up to 2 gigs.  I know in the old days I needed to keep my files relatively small because a lot of connections would crap out if it took too long to download something.  But now that doesn’t seem like it would be a problem.

Or is it?  Would you all prefer I kept the file sizes to under 800 mb or can I go bigger?  Or maybe I should go smaller?  Leave me a comment with your preference.

34 thoughts on “Big Files

  1. Hi Mat,

    Probably the best way to find out is to post a really big file and see how many (if any) complaints you get. The show should be by someone where you have a record of a large number of downloads. I have not had many problems with large files. An infrequent failure does occur, but not a major problem, I simply download again. Always worked so far.

    Bob W.

    1. I agree. I don’t know what the limit is, but Amazon seems to be really download friendly.
      Try 1GB and see how that works and then push upward from there.

      Thanks for asking, and for caring about your constituents!

  2. Thank you for all efforts in providing so many (good) shows.
    If the files are too big, just simply split them in parts
    So do what is the best for you and t will be alright

    Thanks again

  3. I’m also OK with big files, certainly seems to be the trend elsewhere. Appreciate all the super work you do!

  4. Mat,

    just a thought but with these html based heavily accelerated downloading protocols like Amazon or MEGA, the browser technology and pc spec (i.e. available resources) are very significant. Users running current ‘multi-thread’ (i.e. coded to utilise different processor ‘cores’ for different tasks) browsers on modern pcs with RAM to burn will have no issues. Users running olders browsers or other non multi-thread browsers like Firefox on more humble legacy hardware kit may experience difficulties getting downloads to complete.

    I’m in the latter camp. I have no issues downloading large files (even at slow speeds from free accounts like Filefactory) where the page is basically passive and stable. Downloading really large files above 1.2 or 1.3 GB from other accelerated hosters can be troublesome at times.

    If you are looking for a suggestion I would recommend keeping it to a limit of just above the 1GB mark

    I’m sure lots of other users will have views and experiences to share.

    1. Thanks Dave. I’ll probably keep files under 1 gig. The vast majority of shows stay under that anyways. Now and again a Dead show will get a little larger than that and multi disk compilations can get even bigger. But one gig seems like a good limit.

    1. I’m a populist, so I’d say whatever works for the majority of your visitors. I’m lucky-enough to have a good connection for now, but it hasn’t always been that way. It’s frustrating to be so close to music you crave and not be able to hear it.

    1. I’m happy with the large files, even though I’ve not got the speediest of internet … I just let it run overnight & am very grateful for all the stuff you share!

    1. I know the feeling. I bought a 4 TB external less than a year ago and its already nearly full. I was trying to pull all my music on it thinking it would take me awhile to fill it up but boy was I wrong. So now I’m trying to figure out how best to sort it so I can move shows I’ve uploaded to another external, etc. Trouble will be keeping it all organized so I know where every show is.

  5. Mat, I agree w/Bob W a test of one might be best.
    I’m slightly concerned I have Brighthouse> now Spectrum at 60mg’s but I am completely surrounded by the same users.. I called they came out. and said all around you people are over flooded and it is effecting my speed. Usually not a problem, but it is not near as fast. So, that is a big concern. Usually don’t get cut off, but it does happen. Mega is out for me never works, love what your using Amazon.
    Appreciate letting me chime in.

  6. I’m not much of a techie; all I know is that things are (generally) working smoothly on my end through your use of Amazon. With other uploading/downloading programs I have on occasion lost connections when DLing large files. Frankly, for that reason, I don’t bother with anything over 1 GB, as I’ve found problems at about that size (and with certain ul/dl programs in particular). But that may not be a problem with Amazon, so I say (as others have): “Give it a try and see what happens!”

    Oh and I agree with Jetphan: I’m gonna need a bigger boat (of storage space, that is).

    Thanks Mat!

  7. Entirely up to you Mat, I don’t have any complaints about what I’m receiving on this end… Besides its all good.. Cheers and Thanks Mat..

  8. Hey Mat, First thanks so much for your efforts in finding and sharing these downloads. I love the music and the quality of the shows. I agree with Jetpham, anyway that you go, I’m going to need more space. Go for it dude. If we can’t handle it, we will know pretty quickly. Thanks for all your efforts. If you’re interested, I may have some high quality live radio broadcasts. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks again for the tunes. Peace, Mark

  9. I actually have limitations with file sizes, as I don’t have the best system, and live in a rural area where connections are not always the best. Hence, big files would pose some kind of limitation on me, but in some cases (like Dylan) it wouldn’t mean that I won’t try to get them!!!!
    Thanks for everything!!!!

    1. Have you had any trouble with any of the files I’ve posted here? I try to keep them under 800mb. I was thinking of bringing that up to 1 gig. Most shows stay under that size, but now and again they are bigger. Would a 1 gig file give you trouble?

      1. I have had no trouble so far and have got all of the big Dylan collections you have posted in the last 6 mths. I’m pretty sure a couple of them were close to 1 GB (?) and no trouble, so please don’t hold back on my account. Really loving the things you’ve been posting. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks everybody for the comments. Almost everybody noted they’d have no problem with large files, but two or three indicated it might be trouble. I never want to make my boots inaccessible to anybody so I’ll try to keep things (relatively) small. I’m thinking no files larger than 1 gig should work – it seems crazy to consider one gig “small” as I remember the days when my entire computers hard drive space was less than that.

    Most shows remain in the 800 mb or less range so for the most part this is a non issue. But with the few that go over I’m hoping 1 gig or less will still be ok. If anyone ever has a problem please let me know.

  11. I want to echo what someone else said. Large or small are fine because the Amazon platform you are posting to works so well. It is truly the most user friendly way to get files, free of pop-ups and the like. So Mat, please keep doing what you are doing so well!

  12. One of the things I would like to suggest is to publish files of higher sound quality than the current ones, some files are of very poor quality…

    1. What do you mean? I publish FLAC files which are essentially lossless versions of the original recordings and MP3s at the highest possible bit rate.

      Or are you talking about the sound quality of the audience tapes? I have no control over that. I post them like I get them. Admittedly some of those tapes do sound bad but there are folks (myself included) who like to own every show by certain bands regardless of sound quality. If you have a question about the sound on a particular show you may always ask about it before you download.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope that helps explain some things.

  13. 2 Gigs is fine. My laptop is full of all sorts of crap rubbish but it manages to download your files without problems.

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