Repost Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (02/12/69)


Grateful Dead
Fillmore East
New York NY
**Late Show**

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: SBD> Cassette Master> DAT> CD

(missing) – Dupree’s Daimond Blues
(missing) – Mountains of the Moon
103-d1t01 – \Dark Star ->
104-d1t02 – St. Stephen ->
105-d1t03 – William Tell bridge -> The Eleven ->
106-d1t04 – Death Don’t Have No Mercy
107-d1t05 – Alligator ->
108-d1t06 – Drums ->
109-d1t07 – Drummers’ Chant ->
110-d1t08 – Alligator Jam* ->
111-d1t09 – Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)* ->
112-d1t10 – Feedback ->
113-d1t11 – And We Bid You Goodnight

–Total time–68:32–

Notes from the original uploader:

11:29 minutes of the Alligator Jam > Caution segment were missing
from the previously seeded version of this show (shnid: 6285) and
have been patched into this version from an alternate partial SBD
source containing the Alligator=> Feedback segment. This alternate
source bears the same lineage + one cassette gen.

The corresponding Feedback segment of the alternate SBD source is also missing approximately 2:00 minutes of Feedback that are actually present in the previously seeded version This version would then appear to contain the complete Alligator=> Feedback segment of the show for a total timing of 28:54.

The disc picks up with the last 04:59 of Dark Star. If Deadbase XI is accurate, this disc is missing Dupree’s, Mountains of the Moon and the better part of Dark Star. Total
disc time prior to patching in the missing 11:29 from the alternate SBD source is 57:03. Total time per Deadlists and Eaton’s list is 84:00. If the Eaton version is missing the 11:29
minutes of the Alligator Jam > Caution patched from the alternate SBD source, this could logically account for the resulting 27 minute time difference.

From Deadlists:
DeadBase IX notes Early & Late shows on this date.

Eaton’s list reads:
02/12/69 Fillmore East Theatre, New York City Ny – late show
4.2, 084min, Sbd, A0D0, Cass M->Dat 0, 48k,
Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->3800 x 0RECORDING 84 SB

7 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (02/12/69)

  1. I actually do not believe this show was officially released. 2/11/69 early and late was released but this show is fair game.

  2. My bust gentlemen i stand to be corrected; it was the night before that was released, please re up this BEAST of a show.

  3. I guess the most diplomatic way of handling this matter is to let the link stay up a day or to before informing Mat that the material has been commercially released. Something to consider…

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