Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Essen, Germany (04/04/82)

van morrison - live in essen 1982 V.M. Live Essen_4.4.82_Front [300DPI]

Van Morrison
Live in Essen, 1982
(bootleg CD)

Download MP3@256

Golden Stars GSCD-1105
(Released 1990(?); Made in EEC; Distributed by: Red Line S.r.l. – Via Trentacoste, 32 – 20134 Milano (Italy), Phones: 02/26414544 – 26414752 Fax: 02/2151611; bar code 4-011778-300175)

Go To The Hide-Place (sic) In Your Mind (4:17)
Into The Mystic (2:19)
Moondance (2:00)
Wavelenght (sic) (4:02)
Full Force Gale (2:13)
Bright Side Of The Road (3:19)
It’s All In The Game (5:59)
She Gives Me Religion (4:23)
Northern Muse (3:17)
Vanlose Stairway (4:28)
Help Me (4:48)
When I Come Home [“Love To You”?] (3:12)
Celtic Ray (3:10)
Dweller On The Threshold (4:21)
Satisfied (4:46)
Cleaning Windows (4:40)
Summertime In England (10:15)
Scandinavia (6:36)
Total time: (78:13)
Recorded live, Essen, Germany, April 4, 1982 (and see below)

Musicians: (Information from Carsten Brenski)
Van Morrison: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano on “Scandinavia”
Pee Wee Ellis: Sax, Vocals on “Love to you” and “Summertime in England”
Chris Michie: Lead Guitar
John Allair: Organ, Lead vocals on “Go To the High Place In Your Mind”
Peter van Hooke: Drums 1
Tom Dollinger: Drums 2
Bianca Thornton: Backup vocals, Lead vocals on “Love To You”
Pauline Lozano: Backup vocals
Annie Stocking: Backup vocals
David Hayes: Bass
Mark Isham: Trumpet & synthesizer
Sean Fulsom (not sure but very probable): Pipes on “Northern Muse” and “Celtic Ray”

This concert has also been released under the name Can You Feel the Silence…, with minor differences in the track timings.

Notes from Jan Seijbel and Guenter Becker:
The concert which this boot was taken from was originally broadcast on German TV as part of the Rockpalast series, recorded in the Gruga Halle in Essen.

Some sources mistakenly show the date of this show as April 3, for the following reason: the Rockpalast Night, where this show was taken from, started on April 3, around 23:00 MEZ with Rick James. Van played the second set and this was around 01:00 MEZ on April, 4. There was also a rehearsal for this show the week before, but to date there has been no word of a circulating tape from this rehearsal.

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