I Need More Van


I am officially out of new Van Morrison shows. I actually ran out a couple of weeks back but neglected to say anything. I still have a rather large collection of stuff I’ve previously posted whose links have gone dead so I’ll continue reposting stuff for a long while.

Which means I need your help. I need more Van. If you have some Van shows that I’ve not posted before (or an upgrade to what I have) please send it my way. Just do a quick search of the site to see if I’ve posted it before (easiest way is probably a date search using my preferred posting style – MM/DD/YY. If I don’t have it I’d love it.

Dropbox is easiest but whatever works for me. If you have something and want to share, but don’t know how give me a shout and I’ll work you through the process.

Thanks in advance.

18 thoughts on “I Need More Van

      1. I’ve got more than 250 Van’s shows, especially from 80’s European concerts.
        Send me your e-mail address and you’ll have my list.
        Thanks for you great work.

        Mauro from Verona, Italy.

    1. Easiest way is to send them via dropbox. Just share them with my e-mail (brewcritic@gmail.com)

      If you don’t have dropbox you can use any free file server. I like Mediafire or Zippyshare. They are easy to use. Just zip up the show go to the site and you’ll see a button where you can upload the file. Once its uploaded it will give you a link and you can just e-mail the link to me.

      If you still aren’t sure how to do it (I’m never sure how tech savvy anyone is) let me know and I can give you even more detailed instructions.

      And thanks.

  1. Cool – let me do some checking around to see if I have any you don’t. You are so generous with the Van, I’d love to help if I can!

    1. I doubt that there are any more Van Morrison shows out there…. you post more of him than the next three sites on the web combined. If you don’t have it, then it probably doesn’t exist.

      1. There are actually quite a few more shows out there. Van’s had a long career and a lot of it has been recorded. One problem is that for a long time Van’s people regularly scoured the Internet and took down every show they could find. He’s left us alone for a few years now but there are still lots of things that have never shown back up. As far as I can tell anyways.

  2. OK Mat

    This is a bizarre coincidence. I hadn’t seen this post when I sent you my recent email.
    I’m emailing you my Van dir listing. As I explained i’m a little off the pace downloading, but most of those are your recent posts anyway. It’s all in date order so should be easy to match against yours. Anything in particular you need I will try to get around to uploading for you before your other options run out.

    Not all is fit, or mastered ready (or worthy) for public circulation but should be obvious to spot. This might be the perfect motivation for me to finally get a few of my rarer FM tape master transfers prepared and in circulation via your blog.

  3. I had a quick look through your 1974 postings and couldn’t see any reference to one thing I have, which is a jam session with Dr John, feat Mick Ronson in Amsterdam 6.24.74.
    I could have missed it though.
    This is a vinyl LP from back in the days that I’m happy to make a recording of, if necessary.
    Let me know.
    Thanks for all the postings. It is an amazing undertaking.

  4. I think you may have this Mat, this has circulated with the wrong date on many occasions. It’s actually the wonderland tapes of Hilversum ’77 – seem to remember you posting it a while back. If not you’ll find it in full 2cd sbd format in the list i sent you.

    Perfectly understandable – if it’s a vintage vinyl bootleg lp it is more likely than not to have dodgy info!!.

    It’s actually originally from a tv broadcast, hence the less than optimal sound qual

    1. The tracklist on that page, Dylandave, coincides with the LP perfectly.
      Still, the offer stands: happy to record it.

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