Repost Bonanza: The Rolling Stones – Exile Outtakes

Rolling Stones Exile Outtakes

New Exile On Main Street Outtakes

Download: FLAC/MP3

Notes from the original uploader:
Here are 6 new discovered Exile outtakes that were available on YouTube recently. The stream on YouTube is lossy but since there is no lossless version available so far these tracks are allowed here.

Notes from Mat: These are actually old now since I initially posted this along while back I have the FLAC files but have decided to only post MP3s since this is from a lossy source and its seems off to post them as lossless.

1 Rocks Off*
2 Rip This Joint
3 All Down The Line
4 Soul Survivor
5 I Ain’t Signifying
6 Instrumental

FIRST PART by Munichhilton:
– YouTube through an X-Fi Creative soundcard into soundforge pro 10.
– Pitch corrected and Eq’d.
– Saved as wav files (* = 256k mp3).
– Uploaded on IORR/Megaupload

– Downloaded from IORR/Megaupload
– Reworked with Adobe Audition:
– Volume/balance adjustment, right channel was lower than left one
– Manual removal of a [b]lot[/b] of clicks, pops and – above all – microgaps (especially in the parts with very low volume). That was a lot of work!
– Converting to FLAC with FLAC Frontend

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