A Little Slow Down


A friend of the site just sent me an incredible gift – 4 Terabytes worth of shows! That’s a whole lot of music to sort through. Instead of pouring through his lists of shows and comparing them to mine and coming up with a list of things I didn’t have I just asked him to send me all his Dylan, Van, Neil shows. It seemed easier to sort it out here rather than spend a month looking at lists (or maybe I just wanted the shows now!)¬† He also sent a lovely assortment of other artists as well.

I have them now and am trying to sort them. I’ll be unloading the hard drive he sent me and putting them on one of mine so that I can load his back up and send it to him. Call that the grand-daddy of all trades! Then I’ll be sorting through it all and trying to organize all my files over several hard drives.

As such I’m going to take a break from uploading shows for a little while. I still have a pretty big backlog of stuff that’s on Amazon but has yet been posted on the blog. What I’ve decided to do is slow the number of posts down to about one a day so that I don’t burn through that log too quickly.

It shouldn’t take too terribly long to get things sorted reasonably well. I’m thinking a couple of weeks, tops. After that I’ll get back to my regular speed. I now have a lifetimes worth of music to share. Enjoy.

15 thoughts on “A Little Slow Down

  1. That is exactly the right type of friend to have!
    Enjoy trolling through the archives and I wait in eager anticipation for your subsequent postings.

  2. I’m going to have to amend this a little bit. I won’t be uploaded any new shows, but I will be uploading a lot of old ones.

    I’ve had a 4TB external drive for awhile now. I’ve kept both bootlegs that I’ve never posted before and ones that I have previously posted before on it. As part of my sorting project I’ve been going through all the ones I’ve previously uploaded and moving them to a separate hard drive. In that process I’m making sure they are properly on my etree list and I’m also reuploading them if the old links are down.

    I’ve been doing this for awhile but only over the weekend when I usually do reuploads anyways. But now I’m dedicating myself to it and so at some point I’ll wind up posting great batches of reposts. Of course a great many of these shows haven’t been posted in many years so I’m hoping they will be new to a great many readers.

    It seems to come in batches where I’ll go through a bunch of shows with good links and not need to repost and then the next day I’ll find a whole bunch that need it. For example yesterday I moved a ton of Dylan shows with good links around but today I’m reuploading some Beck, Beady Eye, Bela Fleck and several others.

  3. WOW! Take your time please. And a HUGE thanks for all of the music you’ve shared. Should have told you how much I loved the Neil no matter what the sound quality! Incredible. Thanks for posting. Everybody’s saying that music is love…

  4. Wow. Have fun sifting through that much music. Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) that treasure trove when you get to it! Thanks again for keeping the music alive here Mat.

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