Repost Bonanza: The Waterboys – Windmill Lane Sessions 87-88

waterboys - windmill lane

The Waterboys
Widmill Lane Sessions 87-88

Download MP3@128

Stranger To Me
Girl from the North Country
Wayward Wind
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Drunken Head Blues
Death is Not the End
Blowin´ in the Wind
Sugar Baby
Meet You at the Station
May the Saints and Angels Watch Over You
Long Long Way From Home
Except You
Forever Young
The Passenger
My Mafia

8 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: The Waterboys – Windmill Lane Sessions 87-88

  1. If it was lossless I’d be delirious with joy, as it is i’ll just settle for a nice upgrade to my 160kb rip and say thanks very much. the Waterboys are always worthy of your time, and this period was just extra special. Like Bob, Mike Scott has always had an ear for picking a song to cover. Check out his version of ‘I’m so lonesome I Could Cry’ just suits his voice and delivery perfectly.

    1. You’ve no doubt discovered that my copy is only at 128kb. Don’t know why I listed it at 224 at first. Must have looked at the wrong MP3s when I was first posting it. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. There seems to be several versions of this material out there, as i am discovering having scoured the web over the last hour looking for lossless. I’ve seen a double cd version and an alt track listing @320kb. No lossless thus far. If i find anyhthing worthwhile i’ll try to up it and share it here.

    Much of this material also featured on the famous boot ‘Waterboys play Dylan’ or somesuch. Can’t find that in lossless either!

    If anybody has any of this stuff in FLAC please step forward!

  3. Are these different from the versions of Fisherman’s Box, the 6-cd 25th anniversary edition of Fisherman’s Blues?

  4. That’s a BIG and complicaed question – the Fisherman’s Box is not exhaustive, also there are multiple takes, demos, mixes of this stuff (recorded over a 3 year period) and a large number of bootleg compilations, all with different tracklists. evenif there are a few dupl songs or takes then they are very likely to be in an earlier more raw mix. I’m not even certain if the box renders the earlier ‘deluxe’ 2 cd set obsolete? I’ve seen that question posed a few times also.
    Personally I’ve always particularly loved this era of the band. I just hoover up anything and everything i can get my hands on. Found a few more recently so I’ll be trying to put a few of ’em up against each other and the box set in the near future. If i find any light in the fog I’ll post it here.

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