Repost Bonanza: Bright Eyes – Sydney, Australia (11/13/11)

Bright Eyes Radio City Music Hall 2011

Bright Eyes
November 13, 2011
Sydney, Australia

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Four Winds
2. Jejune Stars
3. Take it Easy (Love Nothing)
4. Lover I Don’t Have to Love
5. Shell Games
6. Land Locked Blues
7. Cartoon Blues
8. Poison Oak
9. I Believe in Symmetry
10. Road to Joy.

Track Info: Harvest Festival, Parramatta Park, Sydney, NSW, AUS
Source Info: AUD > DAR > WAV > FLAC [CSC w/bass roll off > PCM M-10]

Mastering : 24 bit 44khz > Soundforge normalise, wind and audience noise reduction > Audacity Track split > 16 bit 44khz

Taper : Jason Weeks ; 5m from stage left of centre.

Sound Rating: 8.6 (B+)

Length: 51:12

Show Comments: Poison Oak, Land Locked Blues and Take it Easy are unique to Sydney Harvest. Shorter set due to technical issue.

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