Remove or Beg


I’ve been using the Amazon Drive for almost two years now. I really like it. I’ve receive very few complaints from downloaders and as an uploader it works quite well. When I signed up they gave me a very reasonable annual price for unlimited storage.

That just changed. They no longer offer unlimited storage but have a tiered system of larger and larger storage amounts for larger and larger dollar amounts (which you can see here). I am willing to pay for 2 TBs of storage but more than that and it starts hitting the budget a little too hard. I have currently used about 1.5 TB of storage. I expect I’ll fill up the remaining 500 gigs within six months or less at which point decisions will need to be made.

I see two ways in which to keep going. Either I will have to continually remove shows already in storage or I’ll have to beg for money.

I have a few ideas on removing files. I could go to a lossless only plan by removing all my MP3 files. I know many of you prefer the MP3s but one can easily convert the FLAC files to MP3s (and its easy to learn for those who don’t know how) whereas if I only posted MP3s lossless people would be out of luck. That would immediately knock my storage down quite a bit, though of course I would eventually fill it back up.

Or I could remove all but my main players – Dylan, Dead/Jerry, Van and possibly Neil Young – which again would immediately free up a lot of space, but again it would eventually get filled up with just those artists.

Or I could remove the oldest files on the Amazon drive on a monthly basis. That could keep me going forever, but of course there would always remain a hole in my collection. I’ve really enjoyed being able to do so many reposts with Amazon knowing they would stick around for as long as I wanted to. If I removed files monthly I’d have go resort to my policy of never reuploading anything.

That’s what I can come up with in terms of removing files. Begging is much simpler, I’d just beg all you for money to help support the site. Several of you have asked to send me money in the past and I’ve always rejected it. I run this blog for the pure joy of sharing the music. I do not feel it would be morally right to try to make money of others peoples art and hard work. I am not a taper. I’ve grabbed all the bootlegs that I share here from somewhere else for free. Asking for money would really pain me. However I would never accept more than what it takes to run the site. Amazon is still reasonable. To bump it up to 3 TBs only costs $179.97 per year. I like that per year part as if I did start begging I’d only have to do it once every 12 months.

There we have it. I’m really not sure what I will do. I’m open to suggestions. If you prefer one removal method over the other let me know. If you are willing to drop a couple of bucks towards the site let me know that too. I have no idea how I would go about collecting the money but that is a worry for another day.

I love this site and I want to keep going with it. I’m not happy with this change from Amazon but I understand where they are coming from. I was really kind of loving the idea of eventually getting all my bootlegs posted and reposted, but I think I can learn to live with with only having a limited number up at one time. And 2 TBs of files is really quite a lot.

Alright, I’m done. Please do leave comments stating your preferences or offering alternative ideas. As noted I still have a few months to decide so things will continue as normal for awhile.

70 thoughts on “Remove or Beg

  1. I don’t think it is correct to classify it as begging! You do a wonderful, very time consuming, job of maintaining a GREAT blog. I think many of us would be DELIGHTED to contribute. Count me in…..

  2. I don’t think it’s begging. I don’t mind contributing a few dollars. Maybe a PayPal option? It shouldn’t cost you $$$ as well as your time and effort!

    1. Thank you so much. I created a new post with a PayPal link that you can donate a few bucks if you like.

      It doesn’t cost me that much $$ but I’m really enjoying the Amazon Drive which will hopefully allow me to host everything I own instead of constantly having stuff taken down which the other hosting companies did. With these changes Amazon is getting a little more pricey. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. If I may offer a suggestion, you may want to consider leaving Amazon Cloud Storage. You could sign up for a Google Business account for $10 a month and that comes with uncompromising unlimited storage, and always has. Google has continually stated it’ll stay that way.

    It’s very, very easy to upload to – it runs through Google Drive, and you can create public links and folders just like you’ve been doing in Amazon. That would cost $120 a year for completely unlimited… granted you’d have to move a lot of content over or start from scratch.

    Just my two cents! You may also want to consider a Patreon. I’m sure many readers would gladly kick a buck or two your way each month!

    1. I am very interested in this. I’m pretty happy with Amazon at the moment but as I add in more files the price keeps going up so a real unlimited option sounds interesting. And I love Google. I created a Business Account but that was free and I didn’t see anything showing me how to upgrade or use the drive function (whenever I clicked on Drive it took me to my personal account.) Any help on this front would be appreciated.

  4. Dear Sir

    I have been following this blog since forever – primarily for the Grateful Dead and some Dylan and a little Van. Since I’ve downloaded, saved and shared all 60’s and 70’s Dead, it may not matter to me if files were deleted. But that would be like defacing yourself. Please create a payment link in your site through which we could remit money.

    However if you offer ONLY flac, that would not be my cup of tea, because my iPod does not take it and I am not inclined to convert.

    A. Ashokan
    Kollam Kerala India

    1. Thank you so much. I created a new post with a PayPal link that you can donate a few bucks if you like. As people have been so generous I plan to keep the MP3s. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. I check your site multiple times a day and as a regular downloader here (of MP3s) I would gladly contribute $ towards the collection. 10 or 20 of us and you’re there. I think it would be covered quickly by regulars for such a great site. PayPal would work and be easy…..

  6. Dude I am so in. I love this site. You are a blessing. I will contribute $ to keep this site up and running. If 35 people contribute $5 each that about gets it done!

    1. Years ago I started on Patrick Crosley’s Roio’s Forum that brought me a Paradise of music, he had to ask for some money once in a while. Years ago I discovered the Midnight Cafe and I love it the same. So to me it’s very very right to pay for the use, I don’t think it’s right when you pay for it

  7. i’m new here and may not use often but i would be honored to contribute a fair share by PayPal, or whatever. i favor maximum long term/permanent storage. It’s an awesome benefit to our culture and individual happiness, greatly appreciated, i want to support.

  8. I for one would happily make a donation towards maintenance of the site. In this day and age that is a totally reasonable proposition.

    Look into registering the site as a non profit entity. You could then include a link to a donation page at the top. That way its not “you” grubbing for money. I would bet some of the loyal followers are attorneys or CPAs who might be willing to donate some time for the paperwork.

  9. Matt, whatever works best, i am in, Mp3 access is awesome, and yes, designate an annual fundraiser should take care of your financial situation,

  10. I would hate to see the “minor” artists disappear. I have heard plenty of Billy Bragg that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise and The Decemberists you posted introduced me to a band I didn’t think I would like. Any of the other options are fine with me.

    1. I’m with you. I love the other artists very much, but they aren’t the favorites around here. I was really just thinking of various solutions. It seems folks are willing to donate a little so I plan to keep all the artists available.

  11. You run a great site here. Whatever choice you make is absolutely fine. Running my own blog I know its not an easy task balancing time, costs, new posts, reposts, etc. The rest of us are just fortunate you take the time to share so whatever way you it is your choice. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  12. Someone once said that “THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE”, but this goes beyond the definition of “BEST”, so I’d be delighted to contribute. I do appreciate your great job!

  13. As others have said, it’s not begging!!

    There’s the Expecting Rain model… some of the money goes to buying something cool, like a Dylan set, and all contributors are entered into a competition with chance to win it…. just a thought.
    (Dave’s Picks?).

    I’m sure everybody understands you must do what you need to do to keep it running. From the sounds of it Amazon is not cheap…

  14. Matt:
    Thank you for all your efforts in this. I have enjoyed your contributions for a while, so I’d like to make a contribution in return. I’ve got a $50 check ready to mail to you. Please let me know where to send it. Thank you again for making our music lives much brighter. Take care.
    Strawberry Ed

  15. First of all I want to say I love your site !

    And I think it is not right that the original promise is not being kept…
    I even wonder if it is legal….
    But I don’t know enough about that…

    I would gladly contribute if I could..
    But I have no digital payment option….
    So I would have to transfer money from my account into yours the oldfashioned way…
    If that is what it takes to keep you going,
    I ‘ll be happy to do so…

    Posting only flac is no problem…
    I can choose to keep that or convert to mp3

    Since I have posted links to Bob Dylan downloads sometimes in groups on FB,
    I would be sad to see them go….

    You face a difficult decision…😎

  16. Matt,

    As mentioned long ago there is no reason not to accept a tip of thankfulness for all that you do…
    Your site is a first thing daily, and always a thrill. Continued thanks, and happy that you have shared what’s going on… A handful of us can take care of this today .. No worries, just get on with your day and enjoy it. My ROIO Dylan collection has been deeply enriched by you Sir. Amazon works perfectly here, and please keep MP3 and FLAC.

    Let us know… and it’s done.
    Thank You!

  17. Matt, this is no begging, and your work is a first class one.
    I check your blog not less than four times a week, and each one is a chance to make my live concerts archive better and better.
    You can count on me.
    Thanks again for your work over the years…..

  18. You have such a beautifull site, that deserves helping. If possible make it as easy as it can get. Paypal would be fine if could arranged. I’m from Germany and most of us do not fuz so much with creditcards, or at least I do not. But I’m using paypal, so this would be easy for me to donate some Fee every now and then.

    Lothat T.
    Luebeck/ Germany

  19. I have no problem contributing, I can also convert Flac to MP3.
    I always enjoy opening your site and seeing what you have come up with.

  20. You have one of the best bootleg blogs I’ve seen, even if I’m only here for the “fringe” artists. I find that the shows I like are often down because the file has been deleted. I’m a FLAC fan, and I know those files can eat storage. I’d be up for contributing to whatever storage solution works best for you to keep all your files up. As a previous poster said, Google may offer an inexpensive solution.

    If you’re concerned about the ethics involved, you could post your monthly cost vs. donations at the top of the site. It looks like you have plenty of followers that would contribute to your goal.

    Many thanks for doing what you do.

  21. Hello Matt
    I just found your GREAT blog two weeks ago and I have already ran through 75 blanks , the covers are a pain (LOL) SO I’M not sure how things work around here all the other download blogs it appears charge for a time frame to down load. Let’s just say $5 for 30 days unlimited downloads others charge more. I have noticed that a few of the shows I would like to copy are there to read about but when you go to down load they are not there anymore to download (I do not know if these are taking up space on your AMAZON ACOUNT ARE NOT) Like I said I’M new to your blog and you have lots of GREAT shows I would love to get my hands on so if you need backers, partners, pay as you go, donations. I’M UP FOR THAT. It looks to me like you put a lot of hard work in to this blog and there is no reason that the people benefiting (like me) cannot chip in to keep it going. JAMES

  22. I’ll go with the crowd here and say that you are not unreasonable in posting this question. I was intrigued with the Google Drive suggestion. On the other hand, Amazon started as unlimited at a great price too. Amazon has the advantage of a pay option in the form of the ubiquitous email-able Amazon gift card.

    Either way, I think you ought to do it.

  23. I think the donation idea is best, as a few of us here, it seems, use the mp3 option. Also, as far as cutting old shows out, I haven’t even finished checking the old postings here and I have been using the site for nearly a year: it is a complete gold mine, and it would be great for future users if it could be kept that way. Thanks for the effort!

  24. I love your blog and would be glad to contribute a few dollars here and there, or to convert FLAC files to MP3s. The guy who suggested the Google solution seems to have a good idea if his info is accurate.

    1. like Sven Hoekstra i am from the patrick crosley roio forum camp. your not begging, so for me it just seems right you should not have to use your hard earned to keep the site going. it does not matter which form you post flac i will convert, mp3 straight to itunes and ipod

  25. Wondering what percentage of readers would be willing to chip in to pay for the three terabyte package. Rotating shows seems like a lot of extra work for you, Mat.

    And I imagine from a time perspective, this blog is already fairly demanding.

  26. You have generously donated your time, energy, and financial resources in creating an awesome blog to share and introduce others to fantastic music. You should decide what is best for you and the site, however I would be more than happy to contribute and it sounds like many others would too.

  27. Mat, whichever way you go, I understand. But it sounds like anyone commenting here (and more) would be glad to chip in a few bucks through a PayPal link to give you enough bandwidth to go that route and not have to delete.

    As far as FLAC vs. MP3, personally I’m an exclusive fan of FLAC files, unless of course you’re only able to access an MP3 version of course. (Actually, I’m thankful for any of the music you share!) What I’m saying is I always prefer FLAC, and it would be a bummer to not have that option offered to save space.

    So – if you can figure out a way for us to help support the site each year (PayPal button), let’s rock on!

  28. Hey everybody. I am overwhelmed by your kind words and willingness to pitch in. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m not going to make any kind of decision until Monday or Tuesday so that everyone has time to see this and reply if they want to. I posted it late on Friday and I’m sure some folks don’t go to my blog over the weekend. But I did want to say thank you to everyone who has responded so far.

  29. Sir

    Please don’t change the Amazon utility because it is XXXcellent! 👍🏿❤️

    An optional till placed unobtrusively will do the trick

    The download at this site is simply and I am sure Amazon contributes to that.

    Kollam Kerala India
    Sunday 11-06-2017. 1030

  30. As someone who has D/Led at least 100 shows from you, I am ready to pitch in with some money. I owe you, regardless of your altruistic intent.
    I agree that adding $ to the equation taints the sharing concept but $ is the primary tool for regulation of resource allocation in our real-world limited-resource paradigm. If we give you money, it is to support your claiming of resources that will benefit us. You asking us for financial help is not greed, it is commitment to your mission, a mission that we benefit from (i.e. the “non-profit” funding system).
    Of course, if you ever find yourself in your hot tub licking Dom Perignon off twin supermodels you will know the money changed you…

  31. The way I see it, my collection of Dylan bootlegs has benefited markedly since I found your blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it early enough and some of your older posts were no longer available, so the idea of a ‘permanently available’ collection is appealing, not just for me, but for any other fans looking to expand and enrich their knowledge of their favourite performers. I don’t have a pile of spare cash, but I’d definitely be willing to contribute to funding the wonderful work you do here. Also – as Seth says above – we’ll be mightily displeased if we find you spend the cash on hot-tubbing with supermodels … at least if the rest of us aren’t invited!

  32. I would have no problem contributing a few dollars a year to leave you free to develop this excellent site.

  33. I, too, would not classify it as begging. The blog is terrific, and I would be more than willing to contribute regularly. The Amazon downloading is easy and reliable, and helping you defray the cost is more than worth it.

  34. Big Fan
    happy to contribute..
    I have enjoyed so many great shows from your site
    your Van & Jerry stuff is incredible

    happy to contribute a few bucks
    your not begging, this is no issue…

    another option space saving option would be eliminate the audience shows

    I have started to do this ….

    let’s face it… I dont listen tot he audience show
    i’m only listening to the crispy SBD’s

    I hated deleted shows ( I’ve always been a more shows!! kinda guy)
    but it felt good to cleanse a bunch of audience shows

    and freed up a ton of space

    1. I definitely delete shows from my iTunes that don’t sound good to my ears. But I do like to keep them backed up for all the completists out there. I’ve actually learned to love audience recordings. For a long time I was Soundboard only, but those Dylan shows from 2000 turned me on to how good an AUD could sound and from there I’ve become more and more forgiving. But certainly there are some that I just can’t do.

  35. I find your use of Amazon storage to be the cleanest of any of the music blogs that I regularly visit. Virtually every other storage, be it Zippy, File Factory, etc. seems to come with spam. So Matt, you’ve come up with the best system around and it is clear how many people love what you do and are willing to pay to maintain it. I hope that is the direction you decide to take.

    1. I’m very grateful for all the wonderful music that you have shared with us, and I too would like to contribute. A PayPal link sounds like a simple option. And I must agree with the last poster, in that my experience with Amazon storage has been a very positive one.

  36. I started to reply to everyone direct, but there are so many responses I just don’t have time to get to everyone. Please know I am overwhelmed by this response. I have created a new post with a PayPal links.

    Thank you so very much to everyone who responded.

  37. I for one would be more than happy to contribute via paypal! Personally, I have scoured your lovely blog and have everything old I would like so for purely selfish reasons I would say delete oldest and continue with new replacing those. That’s unfair to many others though. You would be surprised what everyone’s contributions would amount to.

  38. Hi Mat, love what you are doing with all these shows in MP3 and FLAC. I myself usually go for th MP3 files. Is it an idea to create another AMAZON account so you can have more storage ? Don’t know how it works, if it’s based on IP adress it has no use…
    Otherwise uploading to ‘speadyshare’ could be an option…it’s free i believe…
    Anyway i hope you can continue with this site…a fan from The Netherlands…
    Greetings, Peter

  39. Hey Mat – I’m guessing you could raise the $ here for an additional $60 per year (= 1TB additional data). I think that’s a pretty darn reasonable rate, and should not be hard to get from this many followers.

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