The Begging

Here’s the PayPal Link (LINK REMOVED, $$ GOAL MET). If you would like to donate please click the button and do what you are told. I have already subscribed to the 2 TB plan which costs $119.98 for one year. I’ll probably hit that limit in six months. To bump up to 3TB its $$179.97. they say they will prorate my account if I upgrade. That should last me until the next time. I’ll try to keep track of donations so that if I reach my goal I can shut it down.

I am a complete novice at PayPal. I’ve used it a couple of times to purchase stuff, but never have received funds. If I screwed up that link let me know. If I get more donations than I need I’ll try to refund, but I don’t know how that works. If I can’t figure it out I’ll create a little file and apply those funds the next go round.

Friends, the outpouring of love and appreciation is overwhelming. I never expected to have so many of you offer your assistance. Know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

24 thoughts on “The Begging

    1. Try it now. I tried to use Paypal’s little button but the coding apparently doesn’t work well with WordPress. I could get it to show up as I was writing this post in the view section but when I published it disappeared. I used their basic code and made a simple link so hopefully that works.

      Please let me know if you come across any other problems.

  1. Mat – more than happy to help, a huge fan of your site, and it is much appreciated. Its possible it is my computer blocking it, but I don’t see a link above for PayPal.

  2. I’ve already received a couple of donations. Thank you very much. Apparently I have to verify my PayPal account to actually get the funds. That may take a couple of days as they are doing things to my bank account. I’m not sure how that looks on the donator’s end, so please be patient with me as I figure this stuff out.

  3. Holy cow. You guys already hit my goal plus a little more. I’ve got enough now to pay for the 3TB limit. That should last me until the next go round. I can’t thank everybody enough.

  4. wow, that was fast, i just came here to see the link mentioned in the email notification and it ways ‘link removed/goal met.’ that’s great! I really appreciate you bringing up the Amazon change and all the information about what is involved, and the options that would cut the costs, like whether to thin out the collection and reduce what is available to to those who search. I’m glad the immediate price increase has been covered. If more terabytes are needed, i’m sure anyone who knows about the need will feel very happy to support. never hesitate to share what will help to further the cause. I’m gonna go d/l Buffalo Springfield concert now 🙂

    1. It was really fast. I expected it to take a few days, but I was done in a few hours. I’ve always said I have the greatest readers around and this kind of proves it.

      Enjoy the music!

    1. Just a thought here, but with 3TB, had you ever thought of hosting some of the video stock that floats around?

      1. I have thought about that before. Even tried it a few times back in the pre Amazon days but size limits always screwed it up. I might try it again some time, but that 3TBs will still fill up fast.

        Truth be known I never watch concert videos. Just can’t sit still for them.

  5. Matt,
    Happy that this all worked out so well… I’m just getting on now at 1:15PM/C can’t believe I can not donate. I remember asking you half a year ago, and you said no. “The worker is worthy of his wages… ”
    I know your sensibilities will preclude you from adding a tip/donate button for say a week, but man, I feel really bad I did not check back again late last night.

    1. I thought about you when I started the PayPal up, but figured you just weren’t looking at the right time. I really thought it would take me a lot longer to get the $$ I needed but man I got it it fast.

      I’ve had a few people ask to chip in some more, but I’m good. Maybe next year.

      1. Thanks Mat, that was super fast indeed. You are the best around for Dylan, Grateful Dead etc…
        for years, we sure do appreciate you! Thanks to everyone..

  6. I too missed the moment!
    A BIG thanks to everyone who donated. Sit out the next round so we slowpokes can have a chance!

  7. I would like to send you some dough, but I’d prefer to do so by mail. Can you give me your physical address?


  8. I read this post a day late and the link was gone. Like so many others, I will be glad to contribute next time. Thank you again for keeping this blog.

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