Repost Bonanza: Ryan Adams – New York, NY (12/05/11)


Ryan Adams
12/5/11 –
Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC
“Live On Letterman” webcast

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. intro, tuning
2. Oh My Sweet Carolina
3. Ashes & Fire
4. If I Am a Stranger #
5. Dirty Rain
6. New York, New York
7. Do I Wait
8. ‘Kiss, solo shows stories’
9. Lucky Now
10. Jacksonville Skyline **
11. ‘what i had for lunch story’
12. Black Sheets Of Rain $$
13. English Girls Approximately
14. ‘”Moonlighting” rant’
15. 16 Days **
16. Lucky Now @

#=Ryan Adams & the Cardinals song
**=Whiskeytown song
$$=Bob Mould cover
@=”Late Show With David Letterman” 5pm taping

Ryan Adams – guitars, harmonica, piano, vox, jokes

‘Live On Letterman’ webcast>SD 744t>firewire>WAV>Sound Forge 7.0(dc offset, PD&Norm, CW, LCR, tracking, fades)>FLAC
captured & mast/remastered by vanillag–12/2011.

@=HD DTV>DVR>SD 722>firewire>WAV>Sound Forge 7.0(PD&Nrom, CW)>WAV–captured by Scotty B. mast/remastered by vanillag–12/2011.

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