Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Gypsy Soul – Lost Demos From a Classic Period


Van Morrison
Gypsy Soul – (1968-71)
Lost Demos From a Classic Period

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: Trade Audio CDR -> EAC (secure/offset correct) -> WAV -> TLH – FLAC Level 8

Disc One:

01- The Way Young Lovers do (Astral Weeks 1968)
02- Ballerina (Astral Weeks 68)
03- And It Stoned Me (Moondance 69)
04- Caravan (Moondance 69)
05- Come Running (Moondance 69)
06- These Dreams of You (Moondance 69)
07- Brand New Day (Moondance 69)
08- Domino (His Band and the Street Choir 70)
09- If I Ever Needed Someone (His Band and the Street Choir 70)
10- Wild Night (Tupelo Honey 71)
11- When the Evening Sun Goes Down (Tupelo Honey 71)
12- Nobody Really Knows (unissued song 68-71)
13- Bit by Bit (unissued 68-71)
14- Hey Where You At (unissued 68-71)
15- I Need Your Kind of Loving (unissued 68-71)
16- Lorna (unissued 68-71)
17- Rock and Roll Band (unissued 68-71)
18- Funny Face (unissued 68-71)

Anyone know if any of these demos were included on that giant Moondance Deluxe Edition Van put out awhile back? – Mat

8 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Gypsy Soul – Lost Demos From a Classic Period

  1. Amazingly (and unfortunately, to me) they were not included on it. I don’t know why! Thanks so much for sharing these, Mat!

  2. The Moondance box collected alternate takes from Warner vaults and it was released without Van’s approval. These acoustic demos were taped for copyright reasons and were not owned by Warner and not included for that reason. Thanks Mat, this set is essential Van. Also released as Acoustic Tales double LP.

  3. Most of these publishing demos also appeared on The Genuine Philosophers Stone (disc 3). Based on this the following information:
    – Summer 1968 solo publishing demos, New York : Tracks 01,02,15
    – Summer 1969 Moondance album demos, New York : Tracks 03-07
    – December 1969 Warner Music publishing demos, New York : Tracks 08-09, 13,14,16
    – 1970 Warner Music publishing demos, New York : Tracks 10-11
    – Unknown (most likely from the sessions above) : Tracks 12,17,18

    1. I had a look at Clinton Heylin’s “Can You Feel The Silence?”, the only trustworthy VM sessions information I’m aware of, which gives different dates for these tracks (within a much shorter timespan). All recorded at Warners Publishing Studios in New York.

      Autumn 1968 : Tracks 01,02,15
      Winter 1968-69 : Track 10
      Winter 1968-69 and Spring 1969 (recorded at both sessions) : Tracks 11,14,16,18
      Spring 1969 : Tracks 08,09,13,17
      Summer 1969 : Tracks 03-07, 12

      Heylin names track 18 as (Sit Down) Funny Face.

  4. Yeah, I’ll be interested to see how the quality compares with the Scorpio ‘Genuine’ boot rel which is very familiar to me

    In fact from memory the Scorpio had 2 versions of ‘I Need Your Kind of Loving’. Surely one of the greatest trax to ever be left in the vaults for more than 2 decades. Also another reason why ‘Hymns to the Silence’ is such an essential album

    also thanks for the x-refs GERBRAND, always useful and appreciated.

    Thanks Mat

  5. ps I totally understand Van’s attitude on this. The 4 cd rel really just contains multiple takes which are very similar and slightly less perfect than the sublime final album takes. The real value (and joy!) of these demos is in hearing how the Moondance material would have sounded if Van had decided to stay in ‘Astral’ mode instead of the dramatic change of feel and musicians you get with Moondance

  6. Good grief, just realised this is one of the batch I sent you recently. Thanks for providing me with the inspiration and focus to properly explore my archives!

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