Repost Bonanza: Lou Reed – Akron, OH (10/23/76)


Lou Reed
Leave Me Alone
Akron, OH
October 23, 1976

Download: FLAC/MP3

SBD – A quality

The band:
Lou Reed – vocals, guitar
Michael Fonfara – keyboards
Bruce Yaw – bass
Marty Fogel – sax
Michael Suchorsky – drums

Disc 1
01.Intro Jam*
02.Sweet Jane*
03.Coney Islad Baby*
04.I Believe In Love
05.Lisa Says
07.She’s My Best Friend
08.Waiting For My Man
09.A Sheltered Life
10.The Kids
11.Claim To Fame
12.Vicious Circle

Disc 2
13.Walk On The Wild Side
14.Rock & Roll Heart
15.Charley’s Girl
16.Kill Your Sons
17.Satellite Of Love
18.How Do You Think It Feels
19.You Wear It So Well
20.Oh Jim
22.Ladies Pay


Hordern Pavillion, Sydney
July 19, 1975

SBD – A- quality

same band w/ addition of Doug Youle on guitar

24.Leave Me Alone**

From the original uploader
*those are listed on the cover as Albany, November 16, ’76, I think anyway they are also from Akron show, there is no cut between songs, the sound remains absolutely identical
and it’s a litte improbable that mixer recording from Akron misses first three songs and those exactly same are only ones taped on sbd in Albany, don’t you think?
To verify that, note that after show in Akron Coney Island Baby was moved into middle of set where it stood till the end of tour, so this way it was very supposedly played in Albany as well, not right after Sweet Jane as it’s presented here. Then these songs really must be from Akron performance, which only had songs order like this.
**listed as Christchurch, March 8, ’75, which is total nonsense,
if Lou really played in Christchurch it was in August, anyway this song is from Sydney.

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