Upgrade Bonanza: Punch Brothers – Somerville, MA (01/13/11)


Punch Brothers
Somerville Theatre
Somerville, Massachusetts

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Center Section, Row M, Seat 4, 6′ High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 9.0>CD Wave>flac(16)>WAV>MP3

Disc I

01 Greeting
02 You Are
03 Don’t Need No
04 Heart
05 Flipper
06 Punch Bowl
07 Banter
08 Missy
09 Another New World
10 Banter On Grammy
11 The New Chance Blues
12 Next To The Trash
13 Alex

Disc II

01 Tuning
02 Blind Leading The Blind, 1st Movement
03 Paperback Writer
04 Watch ‘At Breakdown
05 Banter
06 This Is The Song
07 Kid A >
08 Wayside
09 Thanks
10 *Hole Bach
11 #Big River
12 Rye
13 Band Introductions

* Chris Thile Solo, Unplugged At Front Of Stage
# With The Secret Sisters On Vocals

4 thoughts on “Upgrade Bonanza: Punch Brothers – Somerville, MA (01/13/11)

  1. Mat,

    So you found a Punch Brothers show that includes Paperback Writer. It seems like all we have to do is ask and as if by magic it appears. Thank you! I wish the sound quality was a little better (louder) but I am very glad to have it!!

  2. And we are spoiled because of it! BTW, we were up in Glacier in mid-July too. My first time there and it is truly a remarkable place. Too many cars and people but the awesome nature of the place made up for that. Who knows, maybe we crossed each other’s paths while we were there?

    1. That would be hilarious if we walked right past each other. It is really crowded, but beautiful. We got up mighty early to avoid the crowds on the Going to the Sun Road. Wasn’t too terribly bad for us.

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