Repost Bonanza: The Beatles – The Complete Live Collection, Vol. 5 – Seattle Down


The Beatles
Live 05 – Seattle Down
Purple Chick

Download: FLAC/MP3

The fifth volume in our ‘live series you probably don’t even need’: the
first half of The Beatles’ first U.S. tour.

Here, the Hollywood Bowl concert is the unedited stereo tape. You can find various alternate edits/mixes of this show on Purple Chick’s
Hollywood Bowl Deluxe Edition, but this is the whole tape. We decided not to give you various audience/newsreel recordings of this (and
other shows) if there’s a soundboard. Sometimes enough is enough.


Blackpool Night Out – 19 July, 1964
1: operating table sketch (July 1964)
2: intro (July 1964 + Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
3: A Hard Day’s Night (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
4: Things We Said Today (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
5: You Can’t Do That (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
6: If I Fell (Blackpool Night Out ’64 Upgraded)
7: Long Tall Sally (Blackpool Night Out’64 Upgraded + Mythology)

Johannesshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden – 28 July, 1964
8: intro (Can You Hear Me?)

Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA – 19 August, 1964
9: intro (We’d Like To Carry On)
10: Twist And Shout (We’d Like To Carry On)
11: She Loves You (We’d Like To Carry On)
12: A Hard Day’s Night (We’d Like To Carry On)
13: Can’t Buy Me Love/You Can’t Do That (unbooted)

Convention Hall, Las Vegas, NV – 20 August, 1964
9: intro (Eye of the Hurricane DVD)
10: Twist And Shout (Eye of the Hurricane DVD)

Coliseum, Seattle, WA – 21 August, 1964
16: intro (Northwest Nights)
17: Twist And Shout (Northwest Nights)
18: You Can’t Do That (Northwest Nights)
19: All My Loving (Northwest Nights)
20: She Loves You (Northwest Nights)
21: Things We Said Today (Northwest Nights)
22: Roll Over Beethoven (Northwest Nights)
23: Can’t Buy Me Love (Northwest Nights)
24: If I Fell (Northwest Nights)
25: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Northwest Nights + We’d Like To Carry On)
26: Boys (Northwest Nights)
27: A Hard Day’s Night (Northwest Nights)
28: Long Tall Sally (Northwest Nights)


Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada – 22 August, 1964
1: intro (Northwest Nights)
2: Twist And Shout (Northwest Nights)
3: You Can’t Do That (Northwest Nights)
4: All My Loving (Northwest Nights)
5: She Loves You (Northwest Nights)
6: Things We Said Today (Northwest Nights)
7: Roll Over Beethoven (Northwest Nights)
8: Can’t Buy Me Love (Northwest Nights)
9: If I Fell (Northwest Nights)
10: Boys (Northwest Nights)
11: A Hard Day’s Night (Northwest Nights)
12: Long Tall Sally (Northwest Nights)

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA – 23 August, 1964
13: intro (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
14: Twist And Shout (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
15: You Can’t Do That (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
16: All My Loving (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
17: She Loves You (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
18: Things We Said Today (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
19: Roll Over Beethoven (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
20: Can’t Buy Me Love (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
21: If I Fell (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
22: I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
23: Boys (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
24: A Hard Day’s Night (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
25: Long Tall Sally (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)
26: outro (The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts)

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