Jimi Hendrix – The Collector’s 1970: Studio, Private, Related & Remixed Recordings

Jimi Hendrix
The Collector’s 1970:
Studio, Private, Related & Remixed Recordings

Hey gang, I have a little request to make. I have this massive 375 track set from Hendrix filled with lots of cool stuff. Trouble is I’m not overly familiar with Hendrix and what’s been officially released. From the looks of this set it seems like its a lot of unofficial b-sides and outtakes, etc. I’m happy to post it but if most of it has seen an official release then I don’t want to deal with it. So if any of you are Hendrix superfans and want to dig through the track list to see if its ok to post I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve uploaded a PDF that includes all relevant info which you can download here. The track list and notes are too big to even post directly to my blog as it would just look like garbled goop.

Anyways if it is cool to post (or if the majority of it is ok and I can trim out whats not) then I’ll do it. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – The Collector’s 1970: Studio, Private, Related & Remixed Recordings

  1. I’m certainly not the world’s best expert on Jimi Hendrix. But I’m subscribed to a Jimi-only bit torrent site and a more general bit torrent site with several live Hendrix shows. I’m also subscribed to two bootleg newsletters and there’s a really great boot store in Japan that has a whole list of Hendrix boots. Plus there’s always other sources here and there. And I’m sure there are several legit discographies out there to look through. I don’t know. 195 pages is a lot to look through. But I’m willing to help as much as I can. I’d like for you to be able to post as much Hendrix as possible so I have a good reason to look.Stephen

    1. Thanks. Yes it is a ton of stuff to look through. The notes on this thing are incredibly thorough. I started trying to parse it, but I got really bogged down really fast. The notes talk about official releases but it all seems to be from really small companies. I can’t really tell if they are bootleg companies or more official ones that just deal in Hendrix stuff. All of which is why I’m sourcing this out to people who may have a better knowledge of this sort of thing.

  2. Just want to thank you for coming up with it, i’m no expert at all but love listening to all jimi all the time. New jimi would be incredible. in addition to his most famous sounds, i love his acoustic stuff, creative innovative blues on 12 string and such. but i have only heard maybe three things on you tube so i can’t even make a scratch that would contribute to the project. i just want to express the feeling of potential joy to be able to hear some of that stuff, i had to go back and re-read, double take, “Did he say 375 tracks??!!” I am grateful for all the stuff that keeps flowing. had to comment on this. i wish i could help with it. detail is not my mind’s strong suit even under the best of circumstances. just thank you, and to stephen and anyone else who can help make it happen.

  3. It clearly lists which tracks have been officially released, see track 005, 007, 009 etc. I’ll try to make an extract of those tracks.

    1. I see that. I guess I just didn’t believe it. There are just so many releases that I’ve never heard of, I mean admittedly I don’t follow Hendrix releases, but good golly that’s a huge output. I wasn’t sure if those were official official releases or sort-of official releases if that makes sense.

      But I guess I can go by that. Friends, it will take me a long time to sort through all that, and create something workable. Give me time and do remind me now and again.

      1. I guess Jimi Hendrix’ legacy is one of the most exploited ones (in the company of Elvis Presley and Bob Marley to name a few). There are some vinyl releases in the file which may be rare. And a lot of the endless stream of official compilations of alternate takes and jams. I’m satisfied with his first 3 albums, but fans will kill me for that remark. 😉

  4. Interesting to hear, I have in my collection more than 250 lp with more than 100 bootleg lps of outtakes and live shows. I also have a hard disc of over 300 giga bytes of rare Jimi material. I offered a service for collectors to send a hard disk and I would copy the drive. Postage only is charged an was quite successful.

      1. Hi Roger, yes certainly you would need to send a hard disc USB compatable with Min 300GB space. I would recommend 500Gb. You would have to mail it to me and I would return it with registered post that you would pay for. Can’t imagine it would be more than £7 registered. For further info you can email me directly if this allows it at tim.greenhall@yahoo.co.uk

  5. this has been well picked over by the official jimi hendrix estate but still a lot remains unofficially released and would require work to select the listenable tracks.

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