Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Outtakes, Part II (Originals)


Van Morrison
Outtakes –Part Two (originals)

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Ain’t Working For You (aka Diabolic Pressure)
2. When I Deliver
3. You Move Me
4. Don’t Change On Me
5. Down To Earth
6. Feedback on Highway 101*
7. I Shall Sing*
8. It Hurts To Want It So Bad
9. Naked in the Jungle, version 2
10. Tell me About Your Love
11. There There Child (live)
12. You Got the Power
13. The Street Only Knew Your Name, version 2
14. Wonderful Remark (alternate vocal)
15. Cleaning Windows (alternate R rated vocal)
16. Street Theory, version 2

*For some reason I cannot seem to convert these tracks to MP3.  I get errors every time.  The FLACS seem to play ok, so I suggest downloading them.

11 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Outtakes, Part II (Originals)

    1. I remember now. I cannot convert those tracks to MP3 for some reason. The FLACs play ok, but when I try to convert them to anything I get an error. Sorry about that, I meant to make a note when I posted and forgot.

  1. Try opening the Flac files in an audio editor (Audacity ect). Try to export the files to 16 bit wav format. load the exported wav file back into the audio editor and try exporting to MP3. The two problem files might have small errors in them.

    1. Can’t find any utility called ‘Freak’ keep getting routed to mp3 versions of ‘le freak’ LOL. Guessing you meant ‘fre:ac’ from Sourceforge. Haven’t used for years, but anything carrying the Sourceforge endorsement for that long, is to be recommended as well worth having

  2. Hi guys, have you tried FLAC to WAV using Traders Little Helper (select decode thru errors) then WAV to mp3. You will lose any metadata (eg tags) as WAV doesn’t support. Should however work.

    Sorry THRAK, just seen your comment, similar approach i know, bit more automatic and ‘batch’ with TLH, usually works for me. I use this approach (FLAC to WAV) for all dodgy (CRC errrors etc) FLAC. There are still plenty of them out there, particularly in the older file sets still circulating. Once you’ve done this you can usually convert the file to FLAC again (select a different algorithm/FLAC number) if you wish.

    Not familiar with Freak,ounds like it might be a useful thing for the toolbox

  3. Hi Matt – Do you by any chance have Van’s 12/19/98 Rockpalast show in FLAC? I think it was on a boot called ‘Emerald Dreams.’ I’ve been looking for it forever but can’t seem to track it down.

    1. I do have that show. Trouble will be locating the FLAC files. I have no idea which hard drive they might be on, or they might possibly be on a disk somewhere. I’ll look around but can make no promises I’ll find them any time soon.

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