12 thoughts on “Tom Petty (1950-2017)

  1. First discovered him in ’87 when he was with Bob. So talented and so sad. I just read his interview where he said he was winding down to spend time with his granddaughter.

  2. One of my early favourites in junior high in the late 70’s.Saw him multiple times and was never disappointed.I will miss him:-(

  3. Petty & The Heartbreakers were some of my first music when I was 9 or 10, Those sounds and the days they framed are forever etched on my mind’s turntable. Thanks Tom, happy trails.

    1. Mero, i was born in 1950 (like Tom) and by 1960 was musically aware. Then came all of the incredible rock bands which opened the world of music even further. Some bands took a while to get used to. Tom Petty, i liked from the moment i heard him. Even i was surprised how great the band became. They kept taking it to a higher place, tour after tour. I’m going to miss him, especially to looking forward for the next tour. We have a wealth of music from Tom to fall back on. Thank you Tom Petty for sharing your genius with us. Your music will remain for the rest of our lives.

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