Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison: Tape Tree, Vol. 5 :
Make It Real One More Time (1984-1986)

van morrison tape tree 5

Van Morrison
Tape Tree Volume 5:
Make It Real One More Time

Download MP3@320

Side 1
Higher Than The World
The Street Only Knew Your Name
Mr Thomas
Benediction (Thank God For Self Love)
Vanlose Stairway
The Way Young Lovers Do / A Town Called Paradise
Madame George
Thanks For The Information
Here Comes The Knight
Foreign Window

Side 2
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
I Will Be There Casino
It’s All In The Game / You Know What They’re Writing About
Hard Nose The Highway
Cleaning Windows
What Would I Do
Lark Ascending/Haunts Of Ancient Peace
Send In The Clowns

Side 1, tracks 1-2:
Midem Festival, Cannes 26-Jan-84
Side 1, track 3:
Philipshalle, Dusseldorf 14-Feb-84
Side 1, track 4:
Dominion Theatre, London 09-Jun-84
also on A Sense Of Blue (vinyl)
Side 1, track 5:
Sopavilliongen, Copenhagen 12-May-85 (with the Danish Radio Big Band)
Side 1, track 6:
Fairfield Hall, Croydon, UK 17-Nov-86
Side 1, track 7:
Grand Opera House, Belfast 23-Oct-84
Side 1, tracks 8-9:
Simmonscourt, Dublin 17-May-86
Side 1, track 10:
The Playhouse, Edinburgh 30-Nov-86
Side 2, track 1:
Parc de Sceaux, Paris 01-Jul-84
Side 2, tracks 2-7:
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 11-Jul-84
also on Summertime In Montreux
Side 2, tracks 8-9:
Greek Theatre, Berkeley 25-Jul-86
also on Sounding In The Clouds and others

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