Repost Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – Cartagena, Spain (07/16/09)

lucinda williams - 2009 chrisr_1493137967_LucindaFirstAve

Lucinda Williams
La mar de m˙sicas festival
Cartagena Spain
July 16, 2009

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Righteously
02 Can’t Let Go
03 I Lost It
04 Concrete and Barbed Wired
05 Tears of Joy
06 Blue
07 Fruits of My Labour
08 Right In Time
09 Drunken Angel
10 Out Of Touch
11 Change The Locks
12 Real Live Bleeding Fingers And Broken Guitar Strings
13 Essence
14 Honey Bee
15 band introductions
16 Joy
17 It’s a Long Way To The Top (AC/DC cover)
18 Marching The Hate Machines
19 Unsuffer Me
20 Angel

The band:
Lucinda Williams (voice/guitar)
Chet Lyster (guitar/keyboards)
Eric Schermerhorn (guitar)
David Sutton (bass)
Butch Norton (drums/percussion)

FM recording aired on the 30th July 2009; Radio3 ( )
Lineage: Analog FM broadcast – Analog Out – Audacity – FlacFronted (Flac.5)>MP3@320
This was recorded from “La mar de m˙sicas” festival.

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