Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Philadelphia, PA (10/20/78)

Van Morrison - Philadelphia 1978

Van Morrison
Tower Theater
Philadelphia, PA

Download: FLAC/MP3

A pretty rough sounding AUD

Early Show

Into the Mystic
Checking It Out
Hungry for Your Love
Brown Eyed Girl
Crazy Love
Kingdom Hall
Help Me
Wild Night
Joyous Sound

Late Show

Into the Mystic
Checking It Out
Hungry For Your Love
Brown Eyed Girl
Crazy For Your Love
Kingdom Hall
Help Me
Wild Night
Joyous Sound


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Middletown, CT (10/12/78)

van morrison - middletown 1978

Van Morrison
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Source

Take It Where You Find It
Checkin’ It Out
Hungry For Your Love
Brown Eyed Girl
Crazy Love
Kingdom Hall
Into the Mystic
Help Me
Wild Night
Joyous Sound

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Hartford, CT (07/16/72)

grateful dead - gd72-07-16-Dillon-Stadium

Grateful Dead
Dillon Stadium,
Hartford, Connecticut

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 11258source 1: SBD>MR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN
source 2: AUD>?>SHN

the audience recording supplies:
–all of disc 1,
–on disc 2, the final portion of Me & My Uncle through
to the end of Sing Me Back Home

–Set 1 / disc 1– —————(53:57)–
101-d1t01 – //Promised Land (3:03)
102-d1t02 – //Cold Rain & Snow (5:46)
103-d1t03 – //Black Throated Wind (6:14)
104-d1t04 – //Sugaree (7:14)
105-d1t05 – //Playing in the Band (14:02)
106-d1t06 – //Tennessee Jed (7:23)
107-d1t07 – //Jack Straw (4:49)
108-d1t08 – //Deal (5:24)
–Disc 2– ———————-(46:53)–
109-d2t01 – Mexicali Blues (3:37)
110-d2t02 – Stella Blue (9:42)
111-d2t03 – Beat it On Down the Line (3:43)
112-d2t04 – Cumberland Blues -> (6:40)
113-d2t05 – Me & My Uncle (3:07)
114-d2t06 – //Mississippi Half Step//* (6:15)
115-d2t07 – //Sing Me Back Home// (7:28)
116-dt08 – Casey Jones (6:29)

–Set 2 / disc 3– —————–(59:18)–
201-d3t01 – Ramble On Rose (6:11)
202-d3t03 – Truckin’% -> (12:57)
203-d3t03 – Drums -> (2:44)
204-d3t04 – The Other One -> (16:47)
205-d3t05 – He’s Gone -> (8:29)
206-d3t06 – The Other One reprise–> (4:11)
207-d3t07 – Looks Like Rain (7:56)
–disc 4– ———————————(36:58)–
208-d4t01 – Sugar Magnolia (7:56)
209-d4t02 – //Not Fade Away ->** (13:29)
210-d4t03 – Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad–>** (6:27)
211-d4t04 – Hey Bo Diddley** (5:08)

212-d4t05 – Johnny B. Goode** (3:56)

*first concert appearance
**with Dickey Betts & Berry Oakley (without Lesh)

This shn set is an edit of a previous shn set made by
Tim OConnell mtmoc@home.com, who patched in the aud
portions and edited out tape squeal. Sound Forge was
then used to edit for a new shn set, with pitch corrections
for the aud portions, normalization for the entire recording,
and retracking for four discs, as well as other minor edits.

–the audience portion is somewhat degraded, though pretty listenable
–nearly every track provided by the audience recording
has the first few notes clipped due to
taper conservation, though all such cuts are minor
–reel glitches @ 3:49, 4:12, & 4:56 in Cumberland
–minor splice @ 12:33 in Truckin’
–mix/equipment problems during Sugar Magnolia

part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002

Thanks to Glenn Gillis and Paul Bottiglio
edits/encoding by Tim O’Connel & J. Cotsman

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New Orleans, LA (01/30/70)

grateful dead - gd70-01-30-Warehouse

Grateful Dead
The Warehouse
New Orleans LA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 10546

CDR > EAC(secure) > Cool Edit (minor fixes) > CDWav(retracking) >
mkwact(seekable) mvernon54@attbi.com

shntool confirms tracks on sector boundaries
Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002 shn em up initiative 7/16/02
Thanks to Raoul Duke for the disks!

101-d1t01 – (fades in) //Casey Jones;
102-d1t02 – Me & My Uncle;
103-d1t03 – Black Peter;
104-d1t04 – Hard to Handle;
105-d1t05 – China Cat Sunflower ->
106-d1t06 – I Know You Rider ->
107-d1t07 – High Time;
108-d1t08 – Cumberland Blues; false start by Bobby on vocal entry
109-d1t09 – Easy Wind;
110-d1t10 – Mama Tried ->
111-d1t11 – Good Lovin’ ->
112-d1t12 – Drums ->
113-d1t13 – Good Lovin’;
114-d2t01 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
115-d2t02 – Drums ->
116-d2t03 – The Other One ->
117-d1t04 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
118-d2t05 – Cosmic Charlie// %

–disc 1 total time–65:47–
–disc 2 total time–27:08–

– there is a slight tinny/tunnel quality to the sound. the spectral
profile shows an abrupt cut off in the usual background noise signature
at ~5kHz with a gradual resumption of noise from 18kHz increasing in
intensity up to the upper limit of 22kHz. This might suggest some
signal processing has been done somewhere in the lineage.
– there is some audible, though minor, clipping (Easy Wind for example)

DEADLISTS COMMENTS The circulating tape breaks off during Cosmic Charlie
but tn lists another 35 minutes. The tape which contains this list is
labeled “1/29/70” but 1/30/70 is the correct date. According to Tom
Constanten this was his last performance as a regular member of the band (Between Rock & Hard Places p. 84). Back at their hotel afterward, the Dead were “busted down on Bourbon St.” Fleetwood Mac and The Flock were also on the bill (DeadBase

Eaton lists (mistakenly as “1/29/70”):

01/29/70 The Warehouse, New Orleans La – complete 4.7, 128min, Sbd,
A1D0, Reel M->Cass 1->Dat 0, 48k, 7inch Master Reel@7.5ips 1/2trk->
Tascam 122mkIII Cass 1st Gen->3800 x 0

If Eaton’s timing is correct there is still a half hour of this show not
RECORDING 94 SB 128 SB (vault)
CONTRIBUTORS Jim Powell Rob Eaton

Repost Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Cambridge, MA (01/10/68)


Joni Mitchell
Cambridge, Mass.
January 1968 (date unknown – but labeled as the 10th, which is commonly used for this recording.)
recording quality: B+
source: FM broadcast tape, possibly from a vinyl boot LP

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Cactus Tree
02. Night In The City
03. Gift Of The Magi
04. I Had A King
05. Morning Morgantown
06. Ballerina Valerie
07. Song To A Seagull
08. Both Sides Now
09. Conversation
10. Come To The Sunshine
11. Chelsea Morning
12. The Pirate of Penance
13. The Way It Is
14. The Dawntreader

original comments from glasnostrd19 in 2009:

A real early solo acoustic show with Joni Mitchell. This is the earliest Joni I’ve ever heard and she already had her distinctive vocal style. She does a bit of talking between some of the tunes, I didn’t bother to seperate the talk into its own tracks as some like to do. I’ve had this tape for years, no idea of its lineage, there is likely a better source for this out there somewhere but this is quite listenable for a 41 year old analog recording. it does have one rather annoying but very brief speed problem in the source recording (or transfer between that and my copy), otherwise the recording is pretty good, especially for this early date, and Joni sounds fine.

Almost all the other Joni Mitchell I listen to is from 76 w/ the L.A. Express and 79 w/ Metheny/Pastorious/Alias group, but some of this is nice to hear now and then. If I wasn’t more interested in jazz and rock music, I’d listen to this alot more. It’s classic Joni.

If you haven’t heard this (apparently parts of 2 sets) and like Joni Mitchell’s unique songwriting and performance style, you will enjoy hearing this. I don’t know how many generations my tape of this is, but there’s only a little bit of tape noise. I have not done any processing of this except to balance the levels out, DC offset where needed, and a couple of splices to smooth out abrupt endings. I don’t know how close to complete this is, but all the songs here are uninterrupted.

Joni played a run of shows at Club 47, the only date in etree is Jan 10th, that setlist order does not match here. It does sound like track 1 may not be the opening song, hard to tell since there’s no stage introduction in the recording.

Since June 2005 this collection has appeared seven times (now eight) at Dime. There were speed problems, dropouts and sector boundary errors along the way, as well as possibly different source tapes and/or tinkering with the sound.

This file set was originally seeded at Dime on Mon 12th Jan, 2009 by glasnostrd19, and doesn’t appear on the bot list after that.

It is not the speed-corrected version by Randall, seeded in 2007. According to one comment, this version has ‘more hiss and more bass though it would be going too far to describe it as “muffled” by comparison’. If somebody could reseed that version it would be nice to be able to compare.

This reseed has new txt, ffp and md5 files, and the SBEs were fixed – all with xACT.

This is the boot commonly known as “By The Banks of the River Charles”. It has four never-released Joni songs: “Gift of the Magi,” “Ballerina Valerie”, “The Way it Is” and “Come to the Sunshine”.

Reseeded at Dime: April 2012

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Oakland, CA (10/31/88)

jerry garcia - 88-10-31

10/31/88 – Jerry Garcia Band
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center
Oakland, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 21790

Recording Info:
(FOB/Hat) Nakamichi 700/CP701 ->
Reutelhuber P/S ->
dbx 221e type II Encoder ->
Cassette Master (Sony TCD5m/Maxell XLIIS)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi Deck/Azmituth Aligned) ->
dbx 224x Decoder ->
Mytek Digital ADC8X96 ->
Nuendo (24bit/44.1k) ->
SHN (2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc SHN)

Process Info:
1) Processed to a 16 bit file with waves Q10 and L2.
2) Tracked and Normailized with Samplitude v7.02 Professional.

Recorded, Transfered and Process #1 By Bill Reutelhuber.
Process #2 By Charlie Miller

Notes From Bill Reutelhuber:
Each mic was in front of each stack on each side and about 25 feet back.
Recorded due to the team effort of about 20 to 30 people!!

d1t01 – Werewolves Of London
d1t02 – Cats Under The Stars
d1t03 – Forever Young
d1t04 – Stop That Train
d1t05 – Run For The Roses
d1t06 – Think
d2t01 – Throw Out The Lifeline*
d2t02 – Evangeline
d2t03 – Don’t Let Go
d2t04 – That Lucky Old Sun ->
d2t05 – Deal

d2t06 – My Sisters And Brothers

* First time played

Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
John Kahn – bass
Melvin Seals – keyboards
David Kemper – drums
Jaclyn LaBranch – backing vocals
Gloria Jones – backing vocals

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Sebastopol, CA (03/22/78)

jerry garcia robert hunter - 78-3-22

Jerry Garcia Band
Veteran’s Hall
Sebastopol, CA

Links removed as this was officially released.

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 19832
Source: SBD > CM(x) > CDR > WAV > SHN.

Disc 1 – Set 1
01 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [07:03]
02 Catfish John [09:08]
03 Simple Twist Of Fate [10:51]
04 I Second That Emotion [10:13]
05 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down// [09:27]
Total time: 46:43

Disc 2 – Set 2
01 Harder They Come [12:06]
02 Mission In The Rain [11:11]
03 Cats Under The Stars [07:59]
04 Gomorrah [06:27]
05 Mystery Train [10:24]
06 Love In The Afternoon [09:32]
07 I’ll Be With Thee [05:06]
08 Midnight Moonlight// [08:42]
Total time: 71:28

Comments: Last Show with Maria Muldaur. Multiple analog generations with a significant amount of hiss. Sound quality is a bit spotty and gets even spottier by the end of the second set. End of last song of each set is clipped. Very primitive and open-ended jamming sounding ‘Cats Under the Stars’ in its lucky #7 performance. Sounds like a band having a great time.

Thanks to H.Angus for source CDRs. DAE(EAC0.9b4, offset corrected, secure mode)>sector boundaries confirmed(shntool)>SHN(shorten 3.4)>FTP via C.Ladner/candyman FTP.

MisSHN ITR, 10/03.man FTP.

MisSHN ITR, 10/03.3.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: California Brothers (featuring Jerry Garcia) – New York, NY (04/06/87)

jerry garcia - 51127ddaea9695c3fbfa314e353e078a_large

California Bros.
Lone Star Cafe
New York, NY
April 6, 1987 (Monday)

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a tagged version of shnid: 101075
(6 tracks, 27:07)
1. tuning [1:47]
2. Teardrops In My Eyes [3:00] [0:38]
3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke [4:04] [1:43]
4. Drink Up and Go Home [3:46] [1:23]
5. Rosalie McFall [3:27] [0:41]
6. Mind Your Own Business * [5:57] [0:39]

David Nelson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Sandy Rothman: banjo, vocals
Peter Albin: electric bass
Spencer Dryden: drums
(guest) Tom Bekeny: mandolin, fiddle
(guest) Jerry Garcia: electric guitar, vocals
* (guest) Sean Grissom: electric cello

2nd gen AUD cassette (Maxell XLII 90) > Nak D-R2 > Digigram VXpocket v2 >
Sony VAIO Picturebook PCG-C1VPK 24bit/48kHz wav > unknown downsample to
16/44.1 > CD Wave > TLH (FLAC encoding). Transfer by Michael Scottelaro,
track and FLAC by jj.

Sandy’s recollection:
“Jerry came in — it was my understanding that it was after a GD show. He sat up in the balcony with a couple of ladies and listened to probably about
half of our last set. (He had a Black Russian in front of him, a drink he would frequently order and not always finish.) I’d been up there talking
with them before the set; he said he’d come up and play. When we called him up, somebody produced a guitar, a Stratocaster (I think there was an amp
already on the stage), and he came up and played the rest of that set with us. A bluegrass picker from the Bay Area who was going to NYU at the time,
Tom Bekeny, also sat in (for all or part of the night), playing mandolin and some fiddle. Sean jammed with us on the last song; whether he’d played a solo
set earlier, I don’t recall. I’m pretty sure the original tape was made by the Lone Star’s bartender, name unknown, who held up a small cassette deck as soon
as he saw Garcia was going to play.”

Thanks to Mike for graciously transferring the tape and to Sandy for
information and context!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Osaka, Japan (02/24/78)

Bbo Dylan Japan Tour 1978_0220b

Bob Dylan
Far East Tour 1978
Osaka, Japan
Feb. 24, 1978

Download: FLAC/MP3

Silvers>eac>flac level 5
LB 4143

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Great White Wonder / GWW 9530 1/2/3

Disc one
Repossession Blues (Bill Riley)
Mr Tambourine Man
I Threw It All Away
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Ballad Of A Thin Man
If You See Her Say Hello
Girl Of The North Country
Maggie’s Farm
Don’t Think Twice
To Ramona *
Love Her With A Feeling *
One More Cup Of Coffee *

Disc two
Like A Rolling Stone
I Shall Be Released
Going, Going, Gone
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
Blowin’ In The Wind
Just Like A Woman
Oh Sister
You’re A Big Girl Now
All Along The Watchtower
I Don’t Believe You *
Shelter From The Storm *

Disc three
I Want You
All I Really Want To Do
The Man In Me
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
Forever Young
The Times
Hard Rain (inst) *

The Dylan at Budokan LP would be recorded less than a week from the date of this show. While being a more prestigious venue, the Tokyo show doesn’t seem to have quite the power and heartfelt enthusiasm as this Osaka performance. Of course, this can’t match the official release in sound quality.
If you’re a fan of the new arrangements of Budokan, you’ll love hearing them in an even more convincing tone. Bonus tracks from the final night of the three shows in Osaka have been woven in to allow the listener privilege to an entire performances, as well as to 31 of the 33 songs performed during the Osaka residency. The double jewel case inserts leave a little to be desired, even if they were inspired by the official tour program, and the generic, fake silk screened information on the discs themselves are a sad joke.

Source / Venue:
Matsushita Denki Taiikukan – Hirakata City
Osaka Fu, Japan February 24
* Bonus Matsushita Denki Taiikukan Feb 26, 1978

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Tokyo, Japan (02/23/78)

Bbo Dylan Japan Tour 1978_0220b
Bob Dylan
23 Feb 78
Tokyo, Japan
Budokan Hall

Download: FLAC/MP3

LB 7292

I previously posted LB 1238 here.

1 Hard Rain (instrumental)
2 Lonesome in my Bedroom
3 Mr Tambourine Man,
4 I Threw It All Away,
5 Love Minus Zero/No Limit,
6 If You see her say Hello
7 Ballad of a Thin Man
8 I Don’t Believe You
9 Maggie’s Farm,
10 Girl from The North Country
11 Don’t Think Twice. its alright
12 To Ramona
13 Like A Rolling Stone,
14 I Shall Be Released,
15 Going, Going, Gone,

1 Sooner Or Later,
2 Blowin’ In The Wind,
3 Just Like A Woman,
4 Oh Sister,
5 You’re A Big Girl Now,
6 All Along The Watchtower,
7 Simple Twist of Fate
8 All I really wanna do
9 I Want You
10 The Man in Me
11 Tomorrow Is A Long Time,
12 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,
13 (band intro)
14 It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding,
15 Forever Young,
16 The Times They Are A-Changin’


Thank you. This is a song I wrote for a friend of mine a few years back. (before To Ramona)

Thank you. Very nice to be here in this country. (before Oh Sister)

Thank you. We’re getting to learn that one. I wanna introduce you to some of the people up here. I bet you’ve been wondering who they are. Playing the horns tonight we have Steve Douglas. On the violin and the mandolin David Mansfield. These three young ladies at the back, on the left, far left is Helena Springs. In the middle is my ex-wife Jo Ann Harris. Debbie Franklin, on the left. On rhythm guitar we have Steve Soles tonight. On the bass guitar Rob Stoner. On the drums Ian Wallace from Great Britain. Lead guitar Billy Cross. On the organ Alan Pasqua, on the conga drums Bobbye Hall. (before It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding))

We’re gonna leave you with this tune. It’s been a pleasure singing here. Thank you very much. We’re gonna be leaving town in about three days, but we’ll be back, and we’ll see you then. (before Forever Young)

From the original uploader:
Here’s some more Bob “Budokan” Dylan.

Files as I received them.

Thanks to all those who made this possible.

I couldn’t find any recordings of this show so I mastered this one from my cassettes.
I expect that this is the same recording as LB-1238