A Few Things

Happy new year. I am home from vacation so you’ll be seeing daily posts once again. With the new year I’ve got a few things I want to talk about.

When I switched to Amazon awhile back I also dropped my web hosting site and switched to the free version of WordPress. I simply couldn’t afford to pay for both services. WordPress told me that they might put a few ads on the blog which I thought was annoying but it sounded like they would be few and far between. Since I mostly come to my blog through the admin tools I don’t see those ads. Even when I do come to the site directly I have so many adblockers installed my site always looked clean.

Recently I got a new phone and on vacation I went to the site on it. Holy moly my site is riddled with ads! There was one at the top of the screen and another at the bottom. I am so sorry about this. I hate ads. I’ve never put up ads myself as I am totally against making any sort of profit off of the bootlegs. I just assumed WordPress would put up an add every now and again, very discreetly to my site. Honestly I never really thought about it too hard for if I had I would have known that of course WordPress is gonna layer my free site with ads. Please know I never saw a dime from any ad on my site. I don’t really get enough traffic for WordPress to have made anything either, but it still angers me to know ads were attempting to make money from the shows I post.

This was really stupid of me. I just didn’t think about it because I didn’t see them. I have now paid the WordPress fee to have the ads removed. I was able to use the excess money you all so generously donated to the site for this purpose. Thank you and again, I am sorry about that.

Speaking of the Paypal donations I have now just about used up my 2 TBs of space. If you will remember back when I did the begging I was at about 1.5 TB and I expected it to last about six months at which point I’d need to upgrade which is why I did the begging. It is almost six months to the day and I have just under 6 gigs of space left. I will finally be using your Paypal money to upgrade to 3TB. My expectation is that it will last me another 12 months at which point we will have the begging conversation again.

Lastly I had a hard drive failure several weeks ago. I know, I know I’m hard on hard drives. At least this time it wasn’t my internal computer drive but an external one. I did lose a lot of stuff though.

On it were:

All my iTunes MP3 including studio albums and all the bootlegs I’ve converted.
Old bootlegs that I have previously posted to the site but where the links have gone dead.
New bootlegs that I have no posted to the site.

The MP3s are mostly backed up. Studio albums are backed up on an additional external drive so I can reload them no problem. I am taking my time with it so I can weed out stuff I’m no longer interested in and put things into playlists and organize.

The bootleg MP3s are mostly on my Amazon drive so I can just download them and insert.

The old bootlegs are mostly lost. A few will still have good Mediafire links but most of them are outdated. I may eventually ask for some help with that.

The new bootlegs are totally gone. I’m not as upset with this as I thought I would be. I’d not yet made a list of them so I don’t even know what I’ve lost. But the thing is I already have so many bootlegs that its hard to be too upset with losing some. I still have the 5TB drive my friend sent me awhile back and I’ve already downloaded a bunch of new stuff so I’m pretty good.

This does mean that I won’t be posting as big a variety as I once did. After going crazy for a couple of weeks and torrenting a bunch of Dylan and Van shows (so many that I actually got in trouble with my ISP whch is a first for me) I’m taking a little download break. I really want to get a full list of shows completed which means I should not spend my time downloading more shows to add to that list. And I want to organize everything and know what I have so I don’t download stuff I already have copies of etc. All of which means you should expect a lot of Dylan and Van Morrison shows. I will keep grabbing the Dead/Jerry shows so I can keep that up and I have a few other artists that will get mixed in. But for awhile you won’t be seeing the big variety you used to get from me.

That’s about it. I finally spent a little of the money you all generously sent me to get rid of those awful ads and soon I’ll be bumping Amazon to 3TBs. Expect a lot of Bob Dylan in the future and enjoy the music.

20 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I access the Cafe through my PC, which is only enabled with ABP, and have never seen an ad. I’ll have to try access through my phone and see if I see what you saw.

    Very interesting.

    Beyond that, appreciate all you do. Know it is a helluva lot of work!

  2. I just use my PC and never seen any ads!! Really appreciate all your hard work in posting stuff. Keep the Van rolling!!!

  3. I saw a couple of ads, but truly thought that they had been inserted locally by my own ISP. In any event, I scrolled past them, and did not find them objectionable, considering what I get from this site. Many thanks for your work and dedication!

  4. Thanks Mat … absolute stellar amazing stuff continually.
    Thank you seems lame, considering how you enrich my life.
    Bless ya man.

  5. Just to let you know, Mat, I visit this site daily. I use Firefox & I do NOT EVER see ANY ads here. So, there must be a reason you saw two ads, because of the browser you used. Perhaps THAT was infected with something. I aint no computer nor internet genius, but I never see any ads from my end.

  6. matt, i saw hardly any ads ever on your great site so i wouldn’t worry about it if i was you – you’re a million times removed from the people who monetize their youtubes, use adfly and it’s virus infected pop ups, rip off other sites etc, just keep on doing what you do while you enjoy it, happy new year.

  7. I don’t remember seeing any ads – and if I did I obviously wasn’t bothered by them or I would remember!

  8. Thank you for all of your efforts and your generosity, Mat – I truly appreciate it! I am sorry you lost some files, and hope the new year brings better fortune in that area. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Mat, thank you for all the posts. Your efforts are really appreciated and long may you continue to post Dylan material.
    Like a previous comment I also access thru PC/Firefox and have never seen ad’s.
    Looking forward to a memorable 2018!

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