Repost Bonanza: Aerosmith – East Side West Side Blues

Aerosmith - East Side West Side Blues

“East side West side Blues”
Recorded performances :
Kyuden Kinen Taiikukan,Japan February 04th 1977 (2 CD)
Mc Elroy Auditorium, Waterloo,Iowa,US, April 30th 1976 (1 CD)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage :
“East side West side Blues” Silvers (very limited pressing-3 silver CDs in a fatbox case,Japanese pressing,Shades label, scans of the original artwork included)

Fukukoa 1977-02-04 (2 CD)

CD1 (44:13):

1.Opening S.E.
2.Mama kin
3.Write me a letter
4.S.OS. (too bad)
5.Lick & a promise
6.Big ten inch record
7.Sweet emotion
8.Rats in the cellar
9.Dream on
10.Lord of the thighs

CD2 (42:29):

1.Last child
2.Walk this way
3.Sick as a dog
4.Same old song & dance
5.Train kept a rollin’ (slow)
6.Drum solo
7.Train kept a rollin’ (fast) (incl. Get the lead out)
8.Toys in the attic

Waterloo 1976-04-30

CD 3:

1.Walkin’ the dog
2.Walk this way
3.Adam’s apple
4.Lick & a promise
5.Same old song and dance
6.Train kept a rollin’ (slow)
7.Drum solo
8.Train kept a rollin’ (fast)
9.Toys in the attic

These recordings are both excellent :

-The Fukukoa ’77 show seems complete,and is an EXC audience recording for that period,very clear audience,well balanced

-The Waterloo ’76 show is an excellent soundboard, or an outstanding audience,not complete (first song cuts in)

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