A Few Things

I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the blog.  For the two years that I have been using Amazon to host all the shows I have simply dumped them into one single folder.  Organization has been easy since I label my zip files in a very specific way.  When I sort by title it automatically sorts them by artist and then by date.  When I go to blog every morning I sort by date uploaded then find the last show I posted and then move up one.

Trouble with this method is that some shows slip through the cracks. I’ll upload the FLAC files days later than the MP3s or miss a show when I’m posting or whatever.  For various reasons shows get missed and never posted.  I am currently trying to organize each artist into separate folders.  I’m doing this slowly, and double checking that each show has been posted to the blog before I move them into their separate folder.  You guys won’t be able to tell but I have found numerous shows that I uploaded months ago and neglected to post.

Sometimes there are also errors, typos and the like, on shows which I’m trying to sort out but its a challenge.  For example on the recent Van Morrison show I posted,  in the text file there were two dates listed.  One was for the date it was performed, the other was the date it aired on the radio.  Apparently I had uploaded files with both dates.   To confuse matters more I have three different sources of that show. I’d previously posted it a couple of times with different source info.  I have since deleted the post I did today, deleted the files on Amazon and reuploaded everything with more accurate source info.  Then I went back to the two original posts and redid the text so that it is hopefully less confusing.  You can see that post here.

Next as I am organizing my Amazon drive I’m also organizing the blog a little bit by adding in tags.  Previously I only used categories in a basic manner.  Categories were “Music, Bootleg Bonanza, FLAC, MP3 and Artist”.  That’s a good system but I wanted more.  So I started really using tags and giving them more detail by plugging in city, state, country, venue, year, and various others.  I’m doing this to all new posts, but also trying to go back to the old posts and add tags in.  That’s a big project but hopefully this will be useful.  I also added in a tag cloud to the sidebar so you can have fun with that.

Lastly I’m still dealing with the fallout of the external drive crash.  I think I mentioned after it crashed I went a little nuts and torrented a bunch of shows (mostly Dylan but a lot of Springsteen and Van gigs too).  I’m trying to upload all of that stuff to clean off an external drive, while simultaneously fill up another external drive (one that I move all the shows I’ve blogged and backed up on Amazon).  Once that is done I’ll get back to blogging all the stuff on my big 5TB drive I traded for awhile back.  I don’t know if that makes any sense or is of any interest to anybody, but basically it means you’ll continue to see lots of Bob shows for a long while.

Sorry Deadhead and Jerry freaks my input of their shows will continue to be slow for a few more weeks/months.  I’ll try to post a few here and there but until I get things sorted the Midnight Cafe is going to be a little sparse with the Jerry love.  Once I do get things sorted a little better I promise to do a big block of Dead stuff.

26 thoughts on “A Few Things

    1. Appreciate all you do! When you have things up & running to your satisfaction, I’d love to see as much Fall 1972 Dead stuff as you may have upgrades on. IMHO, they peaked on that leg of that tour. My desert island stand would be Fox Theater St. Louis in mid-October ’72…

  1. my english is very poor but i have to say a great thank you for your work that s so great sharing all this gems THANK YOU you make me happy everey days
    hugues from France

  2. Great work Mat, always. Thanks for the update, good to hear from you again. Thrilled with all the Bob, absolutely superb as all the rest.
    Many thanks again.

  3. A very very big Thank You for all the stuff you post here, especially for Bob’s bootlegs. I don’t know how I could help you but If you need a hand doing anything or supporting your work, just ask.

  4. Thanks for so many years of great posts. I was going to go for the Dylan October 9 1978 show, but it’s gone today. Can we get that back, please.
    Thanks and take care

  5. Right On, & thank You for Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, CSNY, & other Greats

    Every Concert & sources are Nice .. 🙂

  6. I download and burn shows to DVD then i download and burn shows to DVD then…life is good. Thanks for all the effort you put into this Blog.

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