Repost Bonanza: Derek & the Dominoes – New York, NY (10/23-24/70) “Fillmore Double Night”


Derek And The Dominos
Fillmore Double Night
October 23 & 24, 1970
Fillmore East
New York City, New York
Mid-Valley Records 007/008/009/010

Download: FLAC/MP3


October 23, 1970
Disc One (first set)

1. Got To Get Better In A Little While
2. Key To The Highway
3. Tell The Truth
4. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
5. Blues Power
6. Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Disc Two (second set)
1. Bottle Of Red Wine
2. Presence Of The Lord
3. Little Wing
4. Let It Rain
5. Crossroads

October 24, 1970
Disc Three (first set)
1. Got To Get Better In A Little While
2. Blues Power
3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
4. Key To The Highway
5. Tell The Truth
6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

Disc Four (second set)
1. Let It Rain
2. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
3. Presence Of The Lord
4. Bottle Of Red Wine
5. Roll It Over
6. Little Wing

8 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Derek & the Dominoes – New York, NY (10/23-24/70) “Fillmore Double Night”

  1. This is not just the finest playing of EC’s career…it is EASILY and BY FAR the finest playing of EC’s career.

  2. Timely Mat,

    For anyone who doesn’t know this boot, all others (regardless of cover info) and those bits which have emerged via more formal channels come from the 2 late shows (23rd and 24th). The only SBD portion from the 23 show has appeared exclusively on the ‘definitive’ 10 cd Paddington set. That set also includes the extant AUD recs. There has never been any material (AUD or SBD) in circulation from the early show of 24th. The partial SBD of the 23rd appears to be the first half hour of the show suggesting it was recorded and evaluated for rec setup by the engineers.


    Some months back I found on G101 a post from a traded CDR containing some of the usual ‘layla and …’ album sessions o-ts and some live material. After extensive listening and comparison I deduced that this is must be in fact the equivalent ‘setup’ recs from the 24th early show. The info on the post was utterly wrong, ‘U’ card presumably lost many moons ago. Of course the presence of an AUD rec would allow confirmation, howver none has ever surfaced. Perhaps this is a factor in this material not being identified to date.

    I have been meaning for a while to combine this unheard/uncirculated material which has seemingly been hiding in plain sight with the rarely circulated Paddington material from the 23rd and offer it to you to post here, as a world exclusive! I mean 40mins of unheard prof rec’d D&Ds is a serious matter!

    The only thing which has held me back is a reluctance to draft and type the kind of notes such a release would deserve. It’s been sitting in ‘pending’ along with a few other gems I’ve found on my travels, recorded myself or compiled from recent posts etc.

    You should be aware that these are in fact mixdown multi-track recs and some of the material has been used in ‘Live at Fillmore’ (out of issue CD from 90s) the original D&Ds live album, orig ‘Crossroads’ box set.
    I have a suspicion that the new material I have identified may have been mixed and prepared for consideration of inclusion on the ‘Crossroads’ box, or some other collection. Just a hunch but there are distinct differences in the mix from the other releases i mentioned. For example Bobby’s trail vocal is in the right channel rather than the left.

    I’ll get to it


  3. Tarantura 25th Anniversary Edition (March 2018) – 32bit remastered

    Again – both late shows from the multi-track masters

    Not sure if anyone has even read my earlier comment – so much confusion about these. The comments about the ‘missing’ early show was prob made worse by at least one major release (incl this MVR) incorrectly labeling THESE shows as the 2 early shows’

    Without feedback not sure whether this is the best place to post the TRUE 24th early show. My only interest is to get it as much exposure as possible so that those who are far more knowledgeable about EC matters than me can verify and evaluate etc.

    It’s about time that this entire stinking mess was sorted out once and for all. Also about time that the unheard stuff finally reaches as many as possible of those who have waited half a century to hear it.

  4. Mat, me neither. However my ears don’t lie, and i’m sure on this one. The sound characteristics alone and the ambient crowd noice (and voices) place it to the fillmore shows. In any case the substantial differences in track timings dictate that they are from a different show to those long circulated.

    I don’t understand why everybody has just accepted these ‘early’ show labels for so long. These boots date from the 90s. In the 90s and early 00s the MAJORITY of boots were incorrectly or inaccurately labeled

    These shows are too important and too damn good (yes JIM G) to be wrongly attributed and wrongly circulated for another half century! Just read some of the comments on the g101 post to understand the level of confusion and ignorance on this subject. Live at Fillmore and D&Ds live contain different combinations of trax from the 2 late shows. Couple of trax on Crossroads d2, also fro late shows(can’t remember which one)

    I recommend to everybody (especially those who can’t take my word for it) to d/l the Paddington release – not (quite) ‘complete’, but a beacon of clarity in a sea of nonsense and misinformation

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