I’m Back

grand tetons

The break I took to be with my family was actually a vacation to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. I’m always a little hesitant to announce that I’m not going to be at my house for long period of times which is why I was so vague. Anyways we had a grand time and saw some beautiful scenerary such as the photo I took above. I’m back now and I’ll have some new posts in a few moments. Thanks for all the kind words, now lets hear some music!

21 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Glad that you’re back and I’m happy that you had a good time. You deserve it. You do more than share fantastic music. You stir up a lot of happy memories and are greatly missed when you’re away. Welcome back!

  2. Wow sounds fab! As a Brit where the highest mountain is in Wales at about 3,000 feet that you can walk up, the Tetons and Yellowstone always sounds so ‘exotic’! Glad you had a cool break!

  3. I’m glad to have you back, but remember to spend time with your family this summer, kids are only young once.

    1. Oh I will. I try to only mess with the blog when my daughter is either asleep or playing with her friends or at her grandma’s house or otherwise enjoyng other things. I always make time for her.

  4. Welcome back! I too am at my summer location, the beautiful island of Skyros (I work from here too, but it is a nicer location to work from, though with more temptations than the city to draw you away from work!

  5. Hey Now Mat! Welcome back. Wish I’d known you were going to the Tetons & Yellowstone. I live in Jackson and would have loved to have been able to buy you a beer or three. Hope you & the family had a great time. Nice picture.


    1. Ah that’s too bad. Would have been nice to meet up face to face to someone from here. We could have had a good time too as I had a couple of hours in Jackson with nothing to do. My wife, daughter and in-laws took off a week before me to explore Arizona and Utah. I met them in Jackson but arrived quite a bit earlier than they did. So we could have had a nice chat and a brew or two. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    1. I believe so. We did not explore the entirety of the parks as we were also traveling with my wife’s parents who are not able to do much hiking. But I didn’t see any signs suggesting any of the roads were closed.

  6. Wonderful Mat, some much needed R&R for you and the family.
    Thanks for sharing the photo, very nice…
    And much appreciation as always for the super music.

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