Repost Bonanza: David and the Dorks – San Francisco, CA (12/15/70)

david and the dorks - matrix 1970

Jerry Garcia And Friends (aka David & The Dorks)
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: sbd >mr > ? >dat > xa2 >cdr > shn > wav > flac

Disc 1
set 1 – rehearsal

01 Alabama Bound
02 Eight Miles High
03 Cowboy Movie
04 Wall Song
05 Bertha
06 Bird Song

Disc 2
set 2 – show

01 Drop Down Mama
02 Cowboy Movie
03 Triad
04 Wall Song
05 Bertha
06 Deep Elem Blues
07 Motherless Children
08 Laughing


– d1, I removed most of the dead air as quite frankly, it was an annoyance. boosted level by 4.48 decibels in right channel. a small section was cut from the start of d1t03, where there was distortion. hiss reduction was applied throughout.
– d2, t02 a number of volume adjustments in both channels, t03 some volume adjustments in first 2:13 minutes, t07 boosted both channel by 3 decibels. t08 boosted right chaneel by 2 decibels. closed several small gaps between t05 & t06. hiss reduction applied throughout
– a few miscellaneous clicks removed
– final mastering with iZotope Ozone

comments from Deadlists Project:

This is Crosby, Garcia, Lesh & Hart, sometimes known as David And The Dorks. SET 1 is an afternoon rehearsal and soundcheck. SET 2 is the live set.

Jerry Garcia & Friends were advertised at the Matrix on December 15, 16 & 17. In the pause after the snatch of Eight Miles High vocals rehearsal Crosby is heard asking someone to “put limiters on it. I overblew their mics last night.” The comment implies he’s talking on the second night of the run, which would make this the 16th rather than the 15th; however, these tapes have always circulated dated “12/15/70.”

The first four tunes are all Crosby’s. The Jam out of Triad is choice. Bertha is a very early version with a few bungled lyrics. Deep Elem Blues is a unique arrangement heavily influenced by Crosby’s rhythm guitar.

February 2005

Seeded to

7 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: David and the Dorks – San Francisco, CA (12/15/70)

  1. Thanks for these 2 great posts – 12/15&17 and 12/20. One small problem – the 6 songs from the rehearsal/soundcheck don’t show up in the download. Thanks.

    1. Ok, so I had two sources for this, but they were basically identical. One of them had some slight editing done to it. For some reason I initially only posted one source and completely neglected the second one. But as you noticed the first one seems to be missing some songs. So now I’ve got the link up to the other source. I changed the text notes to show this and you should be able to get the whole show now.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Who’s the 3rd guitar player on the right in the picture? The hair and shirt suggest it might be Neil Young but I’ve never heard of Young and Garcia playing together.

    1. It does look like Neil. Garcia and Young did play some together. I think Neil joined the Dead once or twice and they did something together at a bridge school benefit if memory serves. But those were all much later in time. I’ve never heard of them getting together this early in the 70s.

      I grabbed the image from a google search so I have no info on it.

  3. Neil and Jerry both played on Crosby’s first solo album which was being recorded at about this time. The picture is quite clearly from the studio so I would guess it could be from those sessions. There was so much intermixing of all of the Bay area bands at this time, including the infamous PERRO sessions led by Paul Kantner.

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