Repost Bonanza: Adele – Philadelphia, PA (02/04/11)

Adele at the World Cafe

Live IN WXPN World Cafe
Philadelphia PA USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

taped by Tony (IMAGEMAN2005)
Audience recording
recorder Edirol R-09HR/ microphone homemade model 1983 (4)BUILD BY ANE (FLIPP022)
Sound edited by ANE (FLIPP022)
flac level> 6


01.Make You Feel My Love
02.Turning Tables
03.Don’t You Remember
04.Chasing Pavements
05.Someone Like You
06.Rolling In The Deep

2 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Adele – Philadelphia, PA (02/04/11)

  1. Be quick! Her ‘people’ are notoriously fast at spotting ROIO’s and will send web sheriff’s to your OK Corral! It’s how I got suspended from posting any ROIO meself so I know whereof I speak . . . . thanks tho’

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