5 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Belly – Roskilde, Denmark (06/09/95)

  1. I am systematically going through all my old posts starting with the very first ones and moving forward in time post by post. The idea is to clean up old photos posted on Photobucket (which went completely wonky ages ago by killing photos once you go over a certain bandwidth per month), clean up bad links, and make the titles and tagging more uniform.

    A great many of these old posts have bad links. Many of the shows are ones that I no longer own. I do a little looking around for them when I can, but mostly I’m just notating that I no longer have the show and then move on. Eventually I will make a list of all the shows I have lost and will put up a request for them. But for now I’m just cleaning up in the background.

    This Belly show is one that I had grabbed off another boot blog many years ago. I had long since lost it but in looking for a new photo to go with the post I found the show again.

    Anyways, enjoy.

    1. I hear ya. Belly was an alternative rock band that had a hit song during the late 1990s alternative becomes mainstream revival. It was formed by Tonya Donnely who was also in the alternative bands Throwing Muses and The Breeders. Not that you really care, but now you know anyways 😉

  2. No, no Mat I DO care it’s just that I’m feeling it at the moment! (My age that is!) Throwing Muses at least I’d heard, The Breeders rings a faint bell but Belley were lost on me! Thanks for the note. An avid fan! 😉

    1. I do understand. I kept up with new bands for most of my life. I still do to some extent although its now more pop oriented since I have a young daughter, but it gets harder every year. There’s just so much great music already out that it is difficult for me to take time to find all the new stuff. Or something.

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