Ten Years of Bootlegs: Top Clicks

Since I’ve been doing the top ten most downloaded shows I thought it would be fun to look at other aspects of the blog’s stats. Once again this comes with a caveat. I started my blog on Blogger then at some point moved to WordPress then I got my own web space but continued to use WordPress’ platform and then a few years ago I moved back to the free WordPress site. I have no doubt some of my stats were lost. Best guess is these stats only recommend my time on the free WordPress site. But its still fun to look at.

I thought it would be fun to look at the various way people come to my blog and how they leave it. WordPress does not track how many people come to my site directly (i.e. they type in themidnightcafe.org) or if they just leave the site by typing in another URL or close the browser all together. What we’re talking about then is if people click a link (whether through a search engine or a link on another site) to enter or leave.

Top Five Referrers of All Time

1. Search Engines: 539,071 clicks.
2. So Many Roads: 20,772 clicks.
3. Facebook: 12,532 clicks.
4. Expecting Rain: 8,529 clicks
5. Brooklyn Steve: 5,430 clicks

It makes perfect sense that most people come here via search engines. That’s how everybody gets everywhere on the internet. I think it is pretty fantastic that so many folks come from So Many Roads (an excellent bootleg blog that everyone should visit as often as possible). My blog automatically posts to Facebook though there really aren’t that many people who subscribe to the page (and you should totally follow me on Facebook – I don’t offer anything new but its a good way to be reminded of all the cool shows I post ;).

I pretty regularly post to Expecting Rain and many others post my links for me so that is also not surprising. I am surprised by Brooklyn Steve being so high up (one small warning – his page contains some slight nudity in its header). Not that its not a fine site I just didn’t realize so many came from there, but thanks Steve and everyone else. I appreciate the patronage.

Top Five Outgoing Clicks of All Time

1. Amazon: 457,507
2. Mediafire: 21,561
3. So Many Roads: 21,373
4. Big Ozine 19,936
5. Live Bootleg Concert: 16,493

Again #1 isn’t surprising as it makes sense the biggest links clicked would be for the downloads.  I’m surprised Mediafire is still hanging in there, though I am slowly trying to update those links to Amazon.  I see I’m beating So Many Roads by a few clicks so I think you all owe me a few ;). Actually I should note that I get quite a few incoming clicks from various international iterations of the So Many Roads URL.  And so that Brooklyn Steve doesn’t get jealous I’m showing over 11,000 clicks to you from me

All of this does remind me that I need to update my blog links sidebar.  I guess you all like using my site to go to other cool bootleg blogs which is great.  I rarely check my sidebar so I’m guessing there are some bad links and probably a few new sites I need to add.

This was fun.  A big thanks to all the sites that have me listed in their link list.  As always I appreciate everyone who comes here and participates in this wonderful music.

3 thoughts on “Ten Years of Bootlegs: Top Clicks

    1. Thanks Speedy. You run a top notch site yourself. I am really tired today so my brain works slow. I could not for the life of me remember your handle while writing the post.

  1. So appreciative your site, thank you! I live outside the normal bounds of society (northern utah, about 20 miles south of the idaho line) and your blog and others like it are a lifeline for me and folks like me. Long live live music!

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