New Source Bonanza: Van Morrison – Los Angeles, CA (11/26/78)

1978 Mojo Van Morrison Roxy - Front [300PI]

Van Morrison
Los Angeles, California
November 26 1978

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source 2 is new.

Read my review @ Blinded by Sound

Brown Eyed Girl
And It Stoned Me
Checkin’ It Out
Hungry For Your Love
Sweet Thing
Crazy Love [lead vocals by Katie Kissoon]
Kingdom Hall
Moonshine Whiskey
Purple Heather
Help Me
Tupelo Honey, Band Intros
Cyprus Avenue, All Your Revelation, It’s Too Late To Stop Now

Source 1:

Mojo at the Roxy
Source: KWEST FM Board Broadcast
Lineage: KWEST FM Board Broadcast > ? > Flac Level 6

Source 2:

FM Stereo (JTT Vinyl Transfer)
Live at the Roxy (Warner Promotional LP)
WB Music Show (WBMS 102)

George Ivan Morrison (Bootleg LP)
Impossible Record Works: IMP 1-101 ***

Transfer Details: Very Good/Excellent Vinyl Discs > Technics SL-110/SME 3009 Series 111/Goldring G1010 >
Onkyo P-304 Pre Amp > Soundforge PRO 10b > FLAC Level 6 Align on sector boundaries

A few severe clicks were removed but no other sound alterations of any kind have been made

NOTE: Purple Heather was Performed and Broadcast but is not available on any Vinyl Pressings

Compliled from near mint Vinyl Albums & Artwork by JTT, July 19th 2010

4 thoughts on “New Source Bonanza: Van Morrison – Los Angeles, CA (11/26/78)

  1. I purchased the album Wave length back in 78 or 79. It was my first Van album. He was getting lots of Airplay at the time. I made an mp3 file of a Pete Townshend track and posted it to my facebook page for a friend to listen to. The next day when i returned to my facebook page a box popped up on my screen from the FBI. The message stated that i had to remove the mp3 file or lose my account.

  2. Hey, Matt, on an unrelated topic, I ask your help on this… Yesterday. i saw a posting here of Grateful Dead 10/4/70, I downloaded the cover image you had up & later went back to download the show & the link is gone. Not only the link, but the image of the cover & THE ENTIRE POSTING SEEMS TO HAVE VANISHED! Was it revoked for some reason? Or was I just hallucinating. I do still have the cover image, though, so…
    Thanx for all your hard work here!

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