5 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Amy Winehouse – Berlin, Germany (09/28/04)

  1. I’ve had this a while with this info enclosed:

    Amy Winehouse – Tränenpalast, Berlin, 28 September 2004 -FM-
    2004-09-28 Germany

    FM Recording from German radio station Deutschlandfunk
    Broadcast date 29.07.2011

    This is the complete broadcast from the Tränenpalast,some songs from the gig
    at the Kalkscheune were broadcasted too,but not inclueded here due to official release.

    Lineage: FM broadcast> cable FM> Technics SA-EX140> Harman Kardon CDR2> WAV> CD-R> PC> tracksplit with CD Wave Editor> trader’s little helper> flac (level8)


    1. (announcement)
    2. Best Friends
    3. October Song
    4. Mr. Magic
    5. (There Is) No Greater Love
    6. Stronger Than Me
    7. Fuck Me Pumps
    8. (credits)

    First seed at Dime by _volta_

    1. I suspect robert is correct. I did some searching around but he seems to have the right information to me.

      http://www.grayflannelsuit.net/blog/listening-booth-amy-winehouse-tränenpalast-berlin-germany-2004 gives a more confusing story. Site does credit taper as volta on 2011-08-03. (First seed at Dime by _volta_)
      Others suspected files were derived from the concert on YouTube, but maybe more likely the opposite, and THAT recording a remix, including these songs and others from the Kalkscheune as above.

      Happily, Amy looks pretty healthy on camera at that point. God bless and may she rest easy.

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