The Midnight Cafe Mix #3 – The Light, The Heat


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I made this ages ago but apparently forgot to ever post it. It does remind me that I really ought to do another mix sometime.

1. “Oh Valencia!” – The Decemberists
2007.03.27 – Upper Darby, PA

One of my favorite modern bands. They mix rock and folk music with show tunes and 80s alt-rock into a unique blend of awesome. I’m seeing them in a few weeks and I’m all kinds of excited. After a brief screw up they kick us into a really rocking version of this song from their excellent album The Crane Wife.

2. “Cocaine” – Eric Clapton
1978.11.24 – Glasgow, Scotland – “Mr. Robert Johnson”

Clapton in full on rock god mode.

3. “Second that Emotion” – Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
1974.02.16 – Berkeley, CA

Oh if only Jerry had kept on playing with Merl for the rest of his solo career. This is a funky, bluesy, jazzy cover of the Smokey Robinson classic.

4. “Rhinoceros” – The Smashing Pumpkins
Gish Sessions

The Pumpkins were my favorite band as a teenager in the 90s. Gish is probably my favorite album by them. This is a really cool alternate cut with a trippy instrumental part in the middle.

5. “Friend of the Devil” – Lyle Lovett
1996.08.26 – Austin, TX

I’ve always loved Lyle covering this Grateful Dead classic. It turns it into more of a dirge which makes it sadder and more beautiful.

6. “In the Garden” – Van Morrison
Got to Go Back to the Greek – Berkeley, California, on July 25, 1986

I recently re-listened to the whole Got to Go Back to the Greek bootleg. Forgotten how great it all is. In the Garden is definitely a highlight. The rave up at the end is especially nice.

7. “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” – Bob Dylan
1993.06.29 – Marseille, France

This was one of the first Dylan boots I ever laid my hands on. Its still a favorite. Darn fine jam in it too.

8. “Funhouse” – Bruce Hornsby
2009.10.29 – Indianapolis, IN

Not my favorite Hornsby song by a long shot, but darn if the jam doesn’t try to change my mind.

9. “Rearviewmirror” – Pearl Jam
2000.011.05 – Seattle, WA “Grimlock Destroys Seattle”

Another band that was a favorite of mine when I was a teenager. Another monster jam in the end.

10. “In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel
1993.09.19 – San Francisco, CA

Listening to this for the first time in nearly a year I find that the theme of all of these songs is the jam. They almost all have some kind of extended instrumental jam at some point. That’s what I love about live music.

11 thoughts on “The Midnight Cafe Mix #3 – The Light, The Heat

  1. Dear friend, I downloaded the file, but can not extract it: can you fix it? Thank you so much in advance and thank you for all the delights you have entered so far.

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