Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lou Reed – New York, NY (09/21/79)

Lou Reed - Columbia - 1979

Lou Reed
Live at the Miller Theater
Columbia University
New York, NY
Friday, 21 September 1979

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: CD-Rs received in trade -> Back to Wav with ACXtractor -> 2-second gaps removed with Creative WaveStudio -> FLAC 8

Disc One
1. Sweet Jane 5:20
2. Iím Waiting for the Man 7:23
3. Iíll Be Your Mirror 6:36
4. Perfect Day 5:42
5. Leave Me Alone 8:56
6. Men of Good Fortune 4:48
7. The Kids 5:28
8. The Bed 5:32
9. Caroline Says II 4:50
10. Looking for Love 6:41
11. Coney Island Baby 12:10

Disc Two
12. All Through the Night 15:19
13. Street Hassle 11:57
14. Rock and Roll / You Keep Me Hanginí On 14:10
15. Heroin 18:00

From the original uploader:
This was the rehearsal show for the Autumn 1979 European leg of Lou Reedís ìThe Bellsî Tour, and even more significantly, this was a historic show for fans of Suzanne Vega.
Suzanne has repeatedly regaled audiences and interviewers alike with tales of a date who took her to her first rock concert, a 1979 Lou Reed perfomance.

Though she claims she was appalled by his on-stage behavior — swearing and flicking lit cigarettes into the audience — the show still impressed her: “Suddenly it hit me that I could write about things I had experienced without softening up the edges or apologizing for it or putting it in a nice package necessarily,” recalled Vega in the Los Angeles Times.

And this was the very show that gave Suzanne that revelation, made her a fan of Mr. Reed, and eventually influenced her composition of her most notable hit, “Luka” — two decades later, Suzanne admitted she “was listening to Lou Reed’s Berlin album on the day that I wrote ëLukaí, probably to sharpen and focus myself.”

Repost Bonanza: Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon – St. Louis, MO (11/15/02)

leo kottke - mike gordon

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO

Download: MP3@320

SBD > ? > CD-R; CD-R > EAC > shntool (join) > CD Wave > shnv3 >CDR>MP3

Living In the Country*
I’m Going Back To the Old Home@
The Collins Missile
William Powell
From Pizza Towers To Defeat%
I Can’t Hang
Standing In My Shoes
Last Steam Engine Train^
Te Veo
Cripple Creek
Middle of the Road
Corrina Corrina& Car Carrier Blues
Ya Mar~
E1: Deep River Blues**
E2: Eight Miles High@@

*Pete Seeger cover
@Carter Stanley cover
#Eddie Reeves and Alex Harvey cover
%Robert “Frizz” Fuller cover
^John Fahey cover
&Mississippi John Hurt cover
~Cyril Ferguson cover
**Doc Watson cover
@@Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Gene Clark cover

Upgrade Bonanza: Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers – San Carlos, CA (06/11/62)

jerry-garcia 1962

Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers
Boar’s Head Coffee House
San Carlos, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Jerry Garcia – guitar, banjo, vocals
Marshall Leicester – banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dick Arnold – fiddle

Master Audience (?) Reel (Scotch 150) > playback on Technics RS 1520 @ 7-1/2 ips no dolby > first gen reel (Scotch 207 recorded via Otari MX5050 @ 7-1/2 ips no dolby) > playback on Technics RS1506 > Tascam DA-40 DAT > Tascam CD-RW700 master CD > CDs > HP 9350i extraction using EAC > .shn encoding using mkwACT>CD>MP3

Set I
Chuck A Little Hill
Billy Grimes
Cannonball Blues – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Devilish Mary
Buck Dancer’s Choice
Little Birdie – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Sally Goodin – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Hold The Woodpile Down – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Set II
Crow Black Chicken
Johnson Boys – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Shady Grove – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Uncle Joe
Sweet Sunny South – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Hungry Hash House
Man Of Constant Sorrow – Officially Released on Before the Dead
Yonder He Goes
Three Went A-Hunting

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (xx/xx/70) – Radio Interview


Grateful Dead
edited radio interview
1970 22′

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: FM>?>Rich>nak>nak dolby C> XLII C90, from Rich Petlock in 1986.
Transfer: Dragon dolby C>UA55>usb> Audacity>TLH>flac16. taperchuck3 jan, 2015 enjoy!

01 what is an interview
02 St Stephen>vocal quintphonic … >St Stephen
03 “turns men into pigs” , sirens
04 what keeps you together?
05 business-money
06 motown
07 technology, cooperation to advance…
08 Hell’s Angels

comments 22 minutes.
edits were on tape, copied (June 1986) from Rich Petlock (R.I.P.).
my tracks and notes. taperchuck3 jan, 2015 enjoy!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (xx/xx/70) Workingman’s Dead Studio Sessions

grateful dead - workingman's dead sessions and outtakes 1970

Grateful Dead
studio sessions for “workingman’s dead”
prior to mid-february, 1970, maybe even mid to late 1969

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a tagged version of shnid: 91234
transfer and mastering by matt smith
soundboard > master reel > Kidd Candelario dub >
will boswell 7 1/2 ips reel > Apogee 24/96
(dithered to 16/44 via Wavelab 5.0) > CD (49:06)

portions were first aired on the kboo radio program
“Grateful Dead and Friends”, hosted by matt smith

jerry garcia – acoustic guitar and vocals
unknown – acoustic guitar (possibly jerry garcia multitracked)

1. jerry garcia: “testing. testing. can you hear me from here?
turn up the gain…” > (l = acoustic guitar, r = jerry garcia
acoustic guitar and vocals) start with “testing, testing” and
vocals > restart (about 1:23) > restart (about 1:33) >
dire wolf (x) (2:15)
2. dire wolf (l = acoustic guitar, r = jerry garcia acoustic guitar
and vocals) (5:30)
3. casey jones (falsetto at times) (2:5
4. false start > false start > high time (falsetto at times) >
jerry garcia: “one more time” (4:17) >
5. jerry garcia: “i’m doing each of them twice, so, umm…” >
high time (falsetto at times) (5:17)
6. acoustic blues (l = acoustic guitar, stops at about 5:25,
r = bottleneck el. guitar) (8:29)
7. “that’s probably what’s causing all the… and rumble” (0:09)
8. dire wolf (fast) (r = jerry garcia vocals and acoustic guitar,
l = jerry garcia acoustic guitar and vocals leak) (2:20) >
9. dire wolf (slower version) > “no, it’s better fas…” (1:1 >
10. dire wolf > “rats.” (1:1 >
11. jerry garcia: “okay, this is the start. right here.”
unk.: “start of the whole thing?”
jerry garcia: “right.” >
dire wolf (r = jg acoustic guitar and vocals, l – ac. guitar)
at about 9:26, the r channel is switched to both for about 6
seconds (11:22)
12. high time (l = acoustic guitar, start then tuning) (0:39)
13. high time (l = acoustic guitar) (0:10)
14. high time (l = acoustic guitar, r = jerry garcia vocals) (x) (3:56)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Ryan Adams – Bedhead, Vol. 3 – Live Rock N Roll

ryan adams - bedhead vol 3

Ryan Adams
Live Rock ‘N Roll
Bedhead, Vol. 3

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I

1974, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Luminol, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
She’s Lost Total Control, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
This Is It, London, Gb, 01/17/04
So Alive, London, Gb, 01/15/04
Wish You Were Here, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Liar, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Shallow, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Note To Self: Don’t Die, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Boys, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Don’t Even Know Her Name, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
What Do You Want?, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Travelling, Paris, F, 11/22/03 *
I Go’t Nothing For You, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Your Love Is An Impossible Dream, Boston, Ma, 12/03/03 *
Little Baby Fingers, Cambridge, Gb, 01/17/04 *
One By One, London, Gb, 01/17/04
Rock’n’roll, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Burning Photographs, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
So Alive, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/19/03
The Drug’s Not Working, Manchester, Gb, 11/24/03

Set II

Firecracker, Glasgow, Gb, 11/25/03
New York, New York, Stockholm, S, 11/14/03
Do Miss America, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Shallow, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Love Is Hell, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This House Is Not For Sale, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
This Is It, Philadelphia, Pa, 12/06/03
Nobody Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/14/03
To Be Young, Chicago, Il, 12/13/03
Call Me On Your Way Back Home, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Jacksonville Skyline, London, Gb, 11/26/03
Bartering Lines, Washington, Dc, 12/07/03
Not Gonna Make Out Of This One This Time, Amsterdam, Nl, 11/20/03 *
Oh My Sweet Carolina, Toronto, Cdn, 12/10/03
Come Pick Me Up, New York, Nyc, 12/04/03
I See Monsters, Dublin, Irl, 11/16/03


Honey I’m Just Trying To Take You Home, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
Slave, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
C’mon Little Girl, Minneapolis, Mn, 12/05/01
The Shaking Blues, Boston, Ma, 10/05/01
Chat, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Dance All Night, Leicester, Uk, 05/09/01
Bus Back To Memphis, San Francisco, Ca, 02/16/00 *
You Should Be So Lucky, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
He Knows My Name, Dublin, Irl, 05/02/01 *
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters, Nashville, Tn, 04/02/02
Snow Angel, St.paul, Mn, 11/02/00 *
The Bar Is A Beautiful Place, New York, Nyc, 05/23/01
Starting To Hurt, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
May Your Dreams Go Down In Flames, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
House Of Cards, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03
Wharf Rat, Houston, Tx, 01/25/03

Ryan Adams
Live Rock’n’Roll
Bedhead Compilation Volume 3
2000 – 2004
Various venues and locations (details see info file)

All SBD recordings except * audience recordings

Upgrade Bonanza: Elton John & Ryan Adams – Nashville, TN (04/02/02)

Ryan Adams - Elton John - CMT Crossroads

Ryan Adams and Elton John
CMT Crossroads Complete
Grand Ole Opry House
Nashville, TN
04-02-02 Recording Date
05-26-02 Broadcast Date

Download: FLAC/MP3

I’ve previously posted the concert in FLAC before but this one includes more outtakes.

Disc 1
3.Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Take 1)
4.Ryan And Elton Tell Jokes
5.Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Take 2)
6.La Cienega Just Smiled
7.Elton Speak (Answering Bell video)
8.Answering Bell (Take 1)
9.Answering Bell (Take 2)
11.Elton Speak (On Oh My Sweet Carolina)
12.Oh My Sweet Carolina (Take 1)

Disc 2
2.Saturday Night
3.He’ll Have To Go (Take 1)
4.He’ll Have To Go (Take 2)
5.I Still Miss Someone
6.Ooh Las Vegas
7.Great Balls Of Fire
8.Sin City
9.Lovesick Blues
10.He’ll Have To Go (Take 3)
11.Tiny Dancer
13.Rocket Man (Take 1)
14.Rocket Man (Take 2)
15.Show Intro (Take 1)
16.Show Intro (Take 2)

Bootleg Bonanza: R.E.M. – Athens, GA (04/10/81)

REM - Georgia Peaches - RIPE

Released as “Georgia Peaches” rather than R.E.M.
Transfered from vinyl.
Label: Cycler Records
Athens, Georgia
April 10, 1981

Download MP3@128

Just like the other REM bootleg this one doesn’t seem to have all the tracks of the actual bootleg.

A1 Rave On *
A2 Burning Down*
A3 A Girl Like You
A4 Get On Their Way8
A5 There She Goes Again*
A6 Pretty Persuasion*
B1 Body Count*
B2 Different Girl*
B3 Action *
B4 Narrator
B5 Hey Hey Nadine
B6 Baby I
B7 Permanent Vacation*
C1 Radio Free Europe*
C2 Sitting Still *
C3 Dangerous Times
C4 All The Right Friends *
C5 Shaking Through *
C6 Little Girl *
C7 (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville*
D1 Windout *
D2 Gardening At Night*
D3 Wait
D4 Scheherazade
D5 Lisa Says
D6 Mystery To Me
D7 White Tornado*

Not Included

A5 mislabeled “There She Goes”.
B4 mislabeled “Narration”.
B5 mislabeled “Pretty Girl”.
C4 mislabeled “I Don’t Want You Anymore”.
C5 mislabeled “Shakin’ Through”.
D4 mislabeled “Sheherazade”
D7 mislabeled “Tornado”.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – She Buttoned Her Boot & Straightened Her Suit, 1999 Spring Tour

bob Dylan - malaga Spain - 1999

Bob Dylan
Pink Panther Records
The 1999 European Spring Tour
The final PP installment of the four 1999 tour legs

Download: FLAC/MP3

1999 is a very, very great year for Dylan and the Never Ending Tour. The preceding American leg was great (but underated),
next was the European tour (this one), and then followed the testosterone-fuelled dual-billing North American concerts/battles with first Paul Simon and then Phil Lesh.

1999 Europe offers beautiful, laid-back and majestic performances of a large portion of his repertoire.
Like the rest of 1999, Bob performed a small core of songs regularly and a huge number of songs only once or twice.

Europe 1999 is one of the great performance peaks of the NET, and thanks to Schubert, Bach and others, it is almost all available in wonderful sound.
Bach v Schubert? Bach is brighter and more transparent, Schubert is rich and full due to sound-processing.
Generally, Bach is better for acoustic songs and Schubert for electric but it is not that simple – there are many exceptions.

All the known generally circulating Bach and Schubert FLAC, along with many other unspecified tapers, were tracked down for this compilation.
The FLAC was then converted to mp3@320kbps for comparison, song by song, on a 160GB ipod with high-end earplugs.

High art by any standard – performed everywhere from classic opera houses to bullrings to flying saucers to snow-covered mountain tops (outdoor concert, of course!).

66 different songs were played in Europe in 1999 – they are all represented here. So are all 21 concerts played over four weeks from early-April to early-May.

Parque das Nações
Lisbon, Portugal
7 April 1999

1.Roving Gambler (trad.)
2.Tryin’ To Get To Heaven
3.Maggie’s Farm
4.Lay, Lady, Lay
5.Blind Willie McTell
6.Like A Rolling Stone

Remaster: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Colisio Oporto
Oporto, Portugal
8 April 1999

7.Watching The River Flow
8.Tough Mama

Remaster: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Pavillón Multiusos do Sar
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
9 April 1999

9.The Times They Are A-Changin’
10.Fourth Time Around
11.God Knows

Remaster: Schubert

The Times They Are A Changing’ Sourced from

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 >, convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summe

Teatro Jovellanos
Gijón, Spain
10 April 1999

12.You’re Gonna Quit Me (Mance Lipscomb)
13.Desolation Row
14.All Along The Watchtower
15.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Remaster: Schubert

Desolation Row sourced from

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 >, convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Velodrômo Anoeta
San Sebastian, Spain
11 April 1999

16.Everything Is Broken
17.Not Dark Yet

Taper: Bach

Sala Ataulfo Argenta
Palacio de Festivales
Santander, Spain
13 April 1999

18.Gotta Serve Somebody
19.Positively 4th Street
20.Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter)

Taper: Bach

Palacio de deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
14 April 1999

21.Love Minus Zero/No Limit
22.Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
23.Simple Twist Of Fate

Taper: Bach

Velódromo Lluis Puig
Valencia, Spain
15 April 1999

24.My Back Pages
25.Mr Tambourine Man
26.Forever Young

Taper: Bach

La Malagueta Bull Ring
Plaza de Toros
Málaga, Spain
17 April 1999

27.To Ramona
28.I Want You
29.I Shall Be Released
30.Not Fade Away (Norman Petty/Charles Hardin)

Volume 9 – Was That Some Kind Of Joke? From Lisbon To Barcelona –
Spring ’99 – The Complete Collection

To Ramona sourced from

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Palacio Municipal de Deportes
Granada, Spain
18 April 1999

31.Love Sick

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal >
HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Narciso Yepes Hall
Auditorio y Centro de Congresos de Murcia
Murcia, Spain
19 April 1999

32.Tomorrow Is A Long Time
33.Tombstone Blues
34.You’re A Big Girl Now
35.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Taper: Bach

Pabellón Príncipie Felipe
Zaragoza, Spain
21 April 1999

36.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
37.Blowin’ In The Wind
38.What Good Am I?
39.’Til I Fell In Love With You
40.Make You Feel My Love

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz >
WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 > convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Palau Municipal dels Esports
Barcelona, Spain
22 April 1999

41.Mama, You Been On My Mind
42.To Be Alone With You

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) > TASCAM DA-40 professional
> ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz > WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 >, convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Le Dome
Marseille, France
23 April 1999

43.Cocaine Blues (trad.)
44.Masters Of War
45.Visions Of Johanna
46.It Ain’t Me, Babe
47.Tangled Up In Blue
48.Can’t Wait
49.Just Like A Woman
50.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Remaster: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Visions Of Johanna & It Ain’t Me, Babe sourced from

Taper: Bach

Zürich, Switzerland
25 April 1999

51.Highway 61 Revisited

Remaster: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Linz, Austria
27 April 1999

52.She Belongs To Me
53.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Taper: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 April 1999

54.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
55.Every Grain Of Sand

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 (48 kHZ – 16 bit) > TASCAM DA-40 professional
> ssrc convert to 44.1 kHz >WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 >, convert to flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Graz, Austria
29 April 1999

56.Friend Of The Devil (Jerry Garcia – Robert Hunter – John Dawson)
57.The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
58.One Too Many Mornings
59.Girl Of The North Country

Taper: Bach;
Equipment: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D8 >
TASCAM DA-40 professional > WaveTerminal > HD >
WaveLab 6 > flac dBpowerAMP > md5summer

Friend Of The Devil sourced from

Taper: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

Wien, Austria
30 April 1999

60.Boots Of Spanish Leather
61.Cold Irons Bound

Source: Unknown > Audio CDR’s > EAC (secure mode) >
wav (adobe audition – checking tracks / spectral analysis)
> (Traders Little Helper (Flac Level 8) with align on SB option) >
Traders Little Helper – torrent

Silvretta Ski And Funsport Arena
The Idalpe
Ischgl, Austria
1 May 1999

62.Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie (Elizabeth Cotton)
63.Under The Red Sky
64.It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
65.If Not For You

Taper: Schubert;
Additional sound mastering (ASM)

München, West Germany
2 May 1999

66.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)


Bootleg Bonanza: R.E.M. – Bochum, West Germany (10/02/85)

rem rockpalast 1985

2 October 1985
Zeche, Bochum, West Germany

Download MP3@192

Feeling Gravitys Pull
Sitting Still
Maps And Legends *
Fall On Me *
Green Grow The Rushes
Driver 8
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Can’t Get There From Here
King Of The Road *
7 Chinese Bros. *
Auctioneer (Another Engine)
Old Man Kensey
Little America
Pretty Persuasion

encore 1:
Theme From Two Steps Onward*
Toys In The Attic *
See No Evil *
Second Guessing*

encore 2:
Riders In The Sky*
(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville
We Walk
Falling In Love Again*
Behind Closed Doors *
Paint It, Black *

*Not included

notes: This show was recorded for the German TV show ‘Rockpalast’ for WDR and it’s well worth finding a copy of it to see Stipe’s blonde hair, some great cover songs and the hilarious moment when Stipe goes out into the crowd during ‘We Walk’ and pats a big bearded guy on the head.

Notes from Mat: Awhile back somebody gave me a bunch of old REM shows. Unfortunately they mostly didn’t include any text files or other information other than show dates. Also they tend to be low bit rates. I’m not 100% positive I have the correct date on this one as all info I found online lists a bunch of songs that aren’t included in my download. However I am definitely in the camp of any REM is good REM so I’m happy to share.