Repost Bonanza: Tom Petty – London, England (xx/xx/78)

tom petty 1978

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
London, England

Download: FLAC/MP3


01-Anything That’s Rock-n-Roll
02-Even The Losers
03-I Need To Know
04-Don’t Do Me Like That
05-Tom Talk
06-Cry To Me
07-Stories We Could Tell (w/ Bobby Valentino)
09-American Girl
11-Too Much Ain’t Enough
13-Somethin’ Else

Band Members:

Tom Petty – rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Mike Campbell – lead guitar
Benmont Tench – piano, organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Ron Blair – bass guitar
Stan Lynch – drums, backing vocals

Comments: Recorded this show from the FM radio back in the early 80’s. Not quite sure of
the exact performance date. Tom asks if anyone was there the night before, and the radio
DJ indicates London. I got the year 1978 from the local radio DJ’s when this was
broadcasted. Nice sounding early era show for Tom and the guys. Enjoy.

Source: FM Recorded Master Tape
Recorded & transfered by: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)
Lineage: Onkyo Linear Tuner>Teac 3-Head Stereo Cassette Deck>Master Cassette (TDK-SA90)>
Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck K-902>CD Wave Editor (tracking)>Traders Little
Helper flac level 8.

8 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Tom Petty – London, England (xx/xx/78)

    1. Yes, this is correct, March 7th, 1980. I was there this night, still have the ticket stub, and distinctly remember Bobby Valentino from the Fabulous Poodles, support act, coming on with Petty. Also, look at the set list, many of these songs are from Damn the Torpedoes, released 1980. This gig was officially recorded and Petty issued some tracks as single B-sides.

  1. According to the 1980-03-07 show had more tracks and different order. For 1978 etree lists 3 performances in London, one of them as 1978-xx-xx, 06-20 /96-26 for the other two shows with shorter setlists.

  2. Until all King Biscuit Flower Hour shows were banned from Dime this show was most often shared as 1980-03-06, but may be a compilation of tracks recorded on March 6 & 7, 1980. HTH and thanks Mat!

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