Ten Years Of Bootlegs: The Ten Most Popular Non Bootleg Posts


My first post on this blog was May 29, 2004. It was a pretty innocuous post. This was early days for blogs. They had just become a thing not that long before I started writing. My wife and I were about to embark on a year long adventure in France and I knew I wanted to journal my experiences there. Blogs were new and hip and seemed the perfect way to both journal my adventure and easily allow friends and family to read about it.

Over the next few months I spoke about the preparation for France, the journey to France, and living in France. Eventually I started writing about movies and music and pop culture in general. When we returned to the USA I kept up the pop culture writing. As I noted when I started this Ten Years of Bootlegs series many of those posts are actually more popular than the bootleg posts I’ve been doing the last ten years. Go figure.

Anyways before I unveil the #1 bootleg post in a few days I thought it would be fun to do a top ten of all the non-bootleg stuff I wrote so long ago.

#10: Bootleg Country: Nirvana – 10/31/91

It amuses me that this is more popular than any bootleg I’ve posted. Before I started posted the actual music I was writing about bootlegs. I called the articles Bootleg Country and basically I reviewed the show and the sound quality of the bootleg. For whatever reason this Nirvana review become fairly popular.

#9: The Office: Season 3, Episode 1 – “Gay Witch Hunt

For a time I was trying to do recaps of various television shows I liked. This was before recaps had become its own cottage industry. I wasn’t very good at it and it was actually quite difficult to keep up with it so I eventually dropped the idea. This was my very first attempt. Its very sloppy, but it got the hit count.

#8: What Michael Jackson Would Look Like Without Plastic Surgery

I suppose anyone who blogs, or has a website or puts anything out in public does so in part due to ego. We want people to read or listen to or watch or look at the things we create. Isn’t that what the Facebook like is for? It strokes the ego, it validates in some small way. When I first began journaling about France I didn’t share the blog with anyone but friends and family. But as time went by and as I started writing about pop culture I wanted to be seen. To be read. I started trying to bring in an audience. I was chasing hits. I started finding all sorts of silly things online and reposting them, hoping they’d bring in more views. I don’t remember where I found this ridiculous Michael Jackson bit, but I must have thought it was funny and reposted the pictures for my audience’s enjoyment. Over 8,000 people came. Some of them left comments.

#7: I Might Have To Rethink Tom Waits

It took me a long time to *get* Tom Waits. This post talks about that process. I have no idea why more than 9,000 people found this particular post. This was also written just before we moved to China. So, we lived in France in 2004-2005 then moved back to Indiana. Then in 2008 we moved to Shanghai for a year. More adventures were had, but I didn’t blog those nearly as much as I blogged my adventures in France.

#6: Jason Says, “Happy Friday The 13th

This post is nothing but a picture of Jason, the hockey masked wearing psycho killer from the Friday the 13th movies. It was but a bit of silliness that keeps gathering more hits every time that date happens to roll around. A bit of silliness that has out hit counted every single bootleg post I’ve made in the last decade.

#5: The Simpsons: Season 18, Episode 10 – “The Wife Aquatic

Another recap. I was getting the hang of them by this point. Or at least I don’t cringe at it like I did the one for The Office. I was also adding in some trivia for the show, which I surely got from some other site. There are a lot of comments on this one but they are mostly about what songs played during the episode.

#4: Movies I’ve Seen Since 2007

The title explains it all. This is a list I’ve been keeping since 2007 of every movie I watch. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m guessing it gets hits because there are a lot of movies on the list and thus it shows up in a lot of searches.

#3: House, MD: Season 3, Episode 4 – “Lines in the Sand

I’m starting to think I should have continued doing TV recaps. Maybe I could have become a famous TV critic, instead of an obscure collector of live music recordings 😉

#2: The World’s Tallest Bridge

Yet another post consisting of nothing but a single picture and a few words. It is a spectacular looking bridge.

#1: Premier’s 25 Most Dangerous Movies

Premier magazine did an article on what they thought were the most dangerous movies ever made. I copy/pasted their thoughts and then added in a paragraph of my own on the movies I’d actually seen. It was a little throw off piece I did just for fun. I had no idea it would become my most popular post ever.

Well that was fun. I don’t know what it means that all of these articles have received more hits than any of my bootleg bonanza posts. Part of it does stem from me changing websites for awhile. I was posted bootlegs to a different site all the while these non-bootleg articles were gathering hits here. Part of it is that pop culture and memes are always going to be more popular than our little musical obsession. Not that any of this matters. Not that I really pay much attention to hit counts.

It was fun for me to go back to some of my old writings (and more than a little embarrassing) and remember what I was doing over the last decade or so. If you made it all the way to here, thanks for reading. I’ll have the #1 bootleg up tomorrow.

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