Tom Waits – Milan, Italy (07/18/08)

Tom Waits
18 July 2008
Teatro degli Arcimboldi
Milan, Italy

Download FLAC: File Factory

01 Lucinda/ Aint going down to the well
02 Way down in the hole
03 Falling down
04 Other side of the world
05 November
06 Hang down your head
07 Jesus gonna be here
08 Such a scream
09 Raindogs
10 Picture in a frame
11 Lucky Day
12 Christmas card
13 Innocent when you dream
14 Lie to me
15 Hoist that rag
16 Another mans vine
17 I’ll shoot the moon
18 Cemetery polka
19 Dirt in the ground
20 Make it rain
21 Black market baby
22 Cold cold ground
23 Come on up to the house

Complete concert apart from removing cheering before encore.
Stories and cheering between songs are not removed.


Tom Waits – vocals, guitar, piano, percussion

Seth Ford-Young – bass
Vincent Henry – saxophones and other reeds/wind, harmonica, guitar
Omar Torres – guitars
Patrick Warren – keyboards
Casey Waits – drums and percussion
Sullivan Waits – congas and clarinet

Row 2, middle

Sony ECM-719 > iRiver iHP140 (rockboxed) > Audacity 1.2.6 > Trader’s Little Helper 2.4.1 > FLAC 8

8 thoughts on “Tom Waits – Milan, Italy (07/18/08)

  1. ND

    Cheers, i see a couple of Raindogs Tour shows there. Pity it’s not lossless but all 80s Tom Waits shows are precious.

    Drat, every df link i try is dead. I’m assuming that the password is for the RAR archive only?
    All I get is the dreaded countdown timer, and then frustration
    ‘This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed…..’

    • Hi DylanDave, Yep looks like their dead. it must have happened recently as these were still live a few months ago. Keep looking as they are all out their some where.

      Best wishes ND

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